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Writer’s block? 5 ideas to refresh your blog posts

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Community Manager
Gloria Choi
Gloria is a Product Marketing Associate, who helps users learn and navigate Zap. Her dream home looks like full pantries and overflowing bookshelves.

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Starting a blog can be challenging, but maintaining one? Even more so. As an agent, writing a blog is a great way to increase traffic to your website, share your insights and passions, and establish yourself as a local expert. However, it it can be tricky coming up with content on a weekly, or even monthly basis.

Creating a content calendar can help you to stay on schedule. The idea is simple—create a calendar with a running list of blog posts. Having a backlog of ideas is always helpful to reference when you eventually hit a writer's block. Here are some blog post ideas to get you started!

🤔Start with a question
Your clients probably have a lot of questions for you. Take note! What do they want to know? Sometimes, questions from your clients may be helpful to your larger reader base. Jot them down and share the answer in a blog post.


✨Demystify the process
Sometimes you can think up a question even before it’s asked. Frankly, real estate is a complex industry, and it has the jargon to match (escrow, appraisal, earnest deposit?!). Identify key terms that your home buyers will come across in the process and beat them to the struggle of getting started.


🔌Plug em in!
Locate the gems and outstanding traits of your area. Remember all those Property Insights? Repurpose them for your blog. Whether you attend a property tour, community event, or business visit, shape your experience into something to share. This will give your prospective clients a taste of your market, even as they’re two or hundreds of miles away.


⚓️Go deeper with case studies
Consult your book of contacts. Tell the story of your clients who provided you with positive feedback. Walk your audience through their home buying process and the unique things they gained from the experience.


👏Applaud other writers
Sometimes you’ll come across an article or post that may resonate with your readers. Don’t recreate the wheel! Curate content from other real estate writers, highlighting what you learned and found valuable. Of course, remember to give credit where it’s due and applaud your fellow content creators.


What do you like to blog about? Feel free to link your favorite blog posts in the comment section below!