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The power of persistence: How Annette Wilcox uses Zap to convert cold leads into hot prospects

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Content Strategist
Christine Nedilsky
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Annette Wilcox.pngAnnette Wilcox, owner of Century 21 Premiere Properties, is a force to be reckoned with. She’s had mountains of success throughout her career, which is impressive considering she’s only been an agent for six years. She’s just the kind of person you want leading your team – she’s passionate, quick on her feet, and of course, she won’t give up without a fight.

We spoke with Annette about what she loves most about Zap, and how she felt the impact it had on her business overnight. (Literally. Keep reading for the full story!)


Save time with email scripts 

When you have as many customers as Annette does, you need a solid communication game plan in place that will not only help you build and maintain your relationships, but do so in a way that won’t take up your entire day. “I have over 2,000 contacts, so I don’t want to have to call over 2,000 contacts every week – that’s just not going to happen,” she explained.

Annette places her contacts on Follow-up Plans based on what they need. If the lead isn’t ready to buy within the next 6 months, she skips the phone call and puts them on an email Follow-up Plan instead. The automated emails are her best friends.

“Anything that I don’t have to do a lot but I look like I am – I’m that kind of girl,” she shared. “I don’t love typing emails – but I love copying and pasting! With Zap, I don’t have to write emails. I just press a button and it’s done. I can manage all my contacts in just an hour.”


Don’t judge a cold lead by its cover

When Annette’s company switched over to Zap earlier this year, she noticed there were about 3,000 cold leads from past years just sitting in her old system. She didn’t want to just throw out all those leads without giving them a second shot, so she decided to move them over to Zap.

Annette and her partner dedicated a full weekend to putting all her cold leads on Follow-up Plans. On Saturday afternoon, her phone started ringing nonstop. “I called my banker and told him to just stand by his phone and keep his computer on,” she recalled.  “By Sunday, I had sent 40 people that Sunday to the banker. 40 people! And these were all cold leads that they thought couldn’t be converted,” she said with amazement.

“Those Follow-up Plans – they just work! I didn’t have to call those 3,000 people, I just had to move them to plans. 40 may not seem like a lot when dealing with 3,000, but this was in one weekend. And we’re still converting more!”


Spreading the good news

Annette is not in the business of keeping her success secrets to herself. That’s why she’s going above and beyond to spread her Zap experience with as many agents as possible. In fact, she told me she was even flying to New York the following week to teach her agent friends a thing or two about Zap.

“There’s nothing for me to gain from this, but I just love Zap so much. I’m going to go out there and teach these offices about what I love about it and how they can use it. It’s not a corporate thing; it’s a peer thing. It’s a phenomenal program – build your business with it!’”

“I don’t want to work one day in real estate without Zap.”