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Technology tools take C21 Agent Jordan Dennis to new heights

Marketing & Communications Manager
Marketing & Communications Manager
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While serving as an active duty marine in San Diego, Jordan Dennis got his real estate license in 2010. This side hustle led him to getting licensed in Florida a couple of years later and focusing full-time on becoming the successful CENTURY 21 agent he is today. Today, he is selling more than one home a week on average and has an award-winning streak to show for it. How does he do it?


A high-tech, high-touch approach

CommunityJordan.jpgJordan leverages technology tools that help organize his large volume of outreach. At night, he plans a to-do list for the next day and surfs the MLS for new listings. He texts and uses videos in his communications with clients, and he always asks for business. Anywhere Jordan goes, he asks, “Who do you know that needs my help?” Even in the local grocery store, he wants employees and fellow customers to know that he is a real estate agent.

Jordan relies heavily on Facebook ads to be relentless in spreading the word about his business, but he’s also consistently trying to broaden his outreach. He co-authored a book with Century 21 and wrote a full chapter about utilizing Facebook to sell homes. He also has his own Leading You Home blog and tries to post in different industry channels like Realtor.com. More recently, he added Zap to his arsenal of platforms to expedite and organize his relationship-building communications.


Automating brand recognition through Zap’s relationship-building tools

Since Blue Marlin Pelican Realty merged with C21 a couple years ago, Jordan has been using Zap primarily on desktop to connect with clients. He has found it user friendly to set appointments and proxy in as clients. “I like the fact that when my clients are installed in Zap, I can see what they’re looking at and create a custom search for them,” he told me. He uses Zap’s mobile app to connect more dots by updating addresses he has visited and writing Property Insights on the go.

Zap has enabled Jordan to build brand recognition and client relationships through its automated communications features. In his area, it’s a seller’s market. Using the Watched Home feature, Zap has allowed him to keep his buyers from a handful of years ago in the know about the worth of their home—and stay in touch.

Jordan creates his own email scripts and Follow-up Plans for certain criteria. “One of the Follow-up Plans I have is for people I was helping months ago, who weren’t moving forward,” he told me. “Every month for 18 months, they get an email from me checking in.” He has received referrals from recipients of this Follow-up Plan because they knew his name and his brand.


An award-winning formula

Jordan has achieved CENTURION® status in 2015, 2016, and 2017, one of the most prestigious awards presented to a CENTURY 21 producer, individual or team. Only a small number of sales professionals in the CENTURY 21 System reach this elevated status, recognized by number of sales and commission thresholds. He sold 77 houses last year—and the commission dollars paid made him a winner before he even hit that final number of houses.

His tips for success include, “Log into Zap every single day. Do Property Insights every single day. Even if you have to schedule 30 minutes on your calendar to get it done, reach out to clients on Zap every single day. And when you start working with a client, update your notes in Zap, so you are better prepared to talk to them.”