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Promise, preparation, and persistence: Joseph Scotto’s success with Zap

Product Manager
Product Manager
Marissa Azzara
Marissa is newly a Product Manager on the team. She used Zap for 8 years as an agent and closed almost 100 transactions.

What’s your game plan for dealing with brand new leads?

Joseph Scotto has one – and based on his stellar start in the real estate industry, we think it’s working for him!

Joseph’s been with CENTURY 21 Cedarcrest Realty, Inc. since the beginning of his real estate career just about 11 months ago – so Zap was a part of his real estate experience right out of the gate. And in his first 7 months, he closed 10 deals.




Promise, preparation, and persistence

Joseph gets plenty of leads sent his way from his broker, so he’s become well-versed in dealing with online leads.

His first step is to get a sense of how hot or cold the lead is. “I find out whether they’re just starting their search, or if they’ve been looking for a while…I try to find out how eager they are,” Joseph told us. He has some go-to ways to get a sense of how serious they are about moving forward – for instance, a quick look at a customer’s recently viewed homes provides some insight. “If they’ve looked at a lot of different properties, I consider them pretty eager.” If they already have a pre-approval for a home loan, that’s also a great sign. 

He’s persistent and strategic with his communication – if the lead comes through with both a phone number and an email address, Joseph says “I’ll definitely try giving them a call first.” It’s a great way to make a personal connection and get a conversation flowing!


Starting off on the right foot

Joseph’s first transaction was one of his most memorable. He closed a deal with a pair of referral clients – “a young couple, just about to get married and looking for a home together.” Since then, he’s started putting his referral clients into Zap – that way, he can keep track of all of his clients in one platform. He says he finds it easy to use – “it’s user-friendly, and I can log in on my phone – I don’t have to be in front of the computer.” He uses the mobile app just as much as the desktop website to stay in touch.


Always looking ahead

Joseph’s even got one deal set to close at the end of the month with a lead he got through his office. When this buyer came into the system months ago, he was still browsing available homes, and let Joseph know that he wasn’t ready to buy just yet. But persistence pays off – so instead of returning the lead to his broker to pass off to another agent, Joseph set him up on a drip campaign and let it do its work. Sure enough, the buyer came into Joseph’s office about a month ago, got pre-approved for a home loan, and ended up signing on the line for the third home Joseph showed him.

These days, Joseph’s logging in every day to keep up with his leads – and helping plenty of clients find the home that’s just right for them. If his past year is any indication, he’s got plenty more success on the way!