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Making Zap a habit: a chat with Theresa Jordan

Content Strategist
Content Strategist
Christine Nedilsky
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Theresa Jordan is the Operations Director and broker at CENTURY 21 Real Estate Center. A few months back, we had the opportunity to meet with Theresa at One21. We were instantly impressed by her deep understanding of Zap and commitment to training other agents on how to use Zap to better their business. We sat down with Teresa to ask her to share some of her Zap insights.

How do you teach Zap to your agents?

“I teach a Zap basics course every five weeks that offers very hands-on help; it’s part of our agents’ required onboarding. We work really hard with new agents to establish good business practices from the beginning. I also host a round table every three weeks where I ask agents how they’re using Zap and support them in any way I can.”

What’s the biggest selling point of Zap?

Theresa credits the front-end of Zap (which includes everything your customer sees when on your website) to making her agents prevalent in the industry. “I think the biggest selling point of Zap is the agent website. It’s a free platform that agents can use to promote their lists and drive traffic back to their page for lead capture.”

The front-end of Zap is obviously valuable; but that’s just one side of Zap! Theresa also stresses the importance of Zap’s back-end functionalities. “The CRM side is really, really important,” she said. “Agents can utilize the data they see on the back-end to better their business.”

What’s your favorite Zap feature?

“I really like Property Insights. Being able to have Property Insights viewable on your website—especially for agents without active listings—makes them so relevant in the marketplace. It helps really show they know the inventory and that they’re out there doing the work.”

What’s your process for writing blogs?

Theresa’s blog may be small, but it’s full of unique content. When picking topics to write about, Theresa sticks with the golden 2:1 ratio. “For every two non-related real estate blogs, you should have one real estate-related blog,” she said. “It’s about having unique content that can be pushed out on social media, which then draws people back to your website.”

Your blog is your opportunity to write about things you’re passionate about, so have fun with it! Theresa’s latest post lists local farmers markets in her area. “All I did was take an hour to accumulate the data and present it in a clean way that people can access. I’ve also blogged about community events, first-time homebuyer seminars, and free home evaluation reports.”

What’s your most memorable Zap success story?

Because Theresa’s role leans more on training, she rarely uses Zap to promote herself. That didn’t stop her from uploading all her contacts into Zap. “Last year I sent out a welcome email introducing myself and explaining my role at Century 21,” she said. Two weeks ago, she had someone respond to that same welcome email asking if she could show them a property. “This was without a Follow-up Plan, without any other actions. That’s a pretty powerful testament to Zap!”