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Getting your name out there: how John Fox uses Zap to expand his reach

Content Strategist
Content Strategist
Christine Nedilsky
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John Fox. Talk about an awesome name. It’s short. It’s memorable. It’s easy to spell. It looks great on a website. But the level of success John has had in the real estate industry can’t be accredited to just his name. He works hard – and of course, he uses Zap.

 John is the owner of Century 21 Unlimited Real Estate in beautiful Tannersville, PA (Poconos vacation, anyone?). His office was one of the first Century 21 offices in Pennsylvania to use Zap, so he’s been using the product since it’s humble beginnings.

 “Zap of 2017 is not Zap of 2015,” he told me. “It’s continually evolving and getting better.” We chatted about Zap’s growth, his go-to features - and how he’s used those features throughout the years to make some pretty impressive transactions.

 Gauge your Contact’s commitment

 “I have over 1,000 contacts – without Zap I don’t know how I would keep track of them in an efficient manner,” John told me. His favorite feature? Follow-up Plans. “They keep me engaged with the consumer – I certainly have revived some leads just by seeing who has opened my automatic emails.”

 John also keeps an eye on his Contacts’ ZapScores to determine where they are in their real estate journey. “They help me prioritize my responses and let me know who I need to give my attention to.”

 Expand your reach with reviews

 Reviews are powerful persuaders. They let people get a sense of who you are and what it’s like to work with you – even before any communication takes place. That’s why it’s so important to reach out to past customers for reviews. You never know, your reviews could be making an impression on someone across the world!

 John’s reviews helped him connect with a seller who had relocated all the way to Israel. “He contacted me and told me he had read my reviews online. He wanted to meet up when he was in town so we could talk about selling his house. We did - and I listed it and sold it!”

 Convert cold leads with Follow-up Plans

 Just because a client isn’t ready to buy or sell today doesn’t mean they won’t change their mind down the road. It may take a few weeks, months, or even years - but if you keep cold leads on the back burner, they may eventually heat back up! In fact, one of John’s most memorable transactions involved a cold lead.

 “I was working with a couple who were renting at the time but looking to purchase a home,” he recalled. “We met up and saw a couple of homes.” The couple decided to pause their house hunt, so John put them on a Follow-up Plan. “They had a very low ZapScore – they were definitely not one of my more engaged buyers.”

 Over half a year later, John noticed their activity in Zap picking up. “They were looking at all my listings and their ZapScore was climbing – so I called them! They told me they had just got in an ugly fight with their landlord and they needed to move right away. I put them under contract three days later.”

 Use every tool in your box

 Great agents will always come out on top – but if you combine your skills with the power of Zap, you’ll be amazed at what can be done. “You can’t just log in and be a super agent,” John explained. “You still have to call, you still have to have people skills. Zap is going to be a tool in your toolbox – a big tool – but that doesn’t mean you can throw all the other tools away.”