Zap Release: September 2015

    In this release we began pulling your listings into the Zap CRM, where you can attach them to your Contact’s record. We’ve also fixed a lot of bugs you’ve identified.


    Your listings in Zap

    We’ve added functionality that allows you to add your listings to the Zap CRM. This makes it easier for you to keep all of the relevant details associated with your Contact’s record, and it will help you more effectively use Zap’s Follow-Up Plans to facilitate communication with your clients.

    Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.26.24 PM.png


    Bugs and opportunities for improvement

    We’ve squashed a lot of bugs and added feature improvements with this release, based on your feedback.

    • We’ve added the ability for you to set a default metro for your Contact when you add them to Zap. Because each customer’s account is metro-based, we want to make sure we’re setting up customers to search where they want to, while giving flexibility where needed to fit various businesses and their territory coverage.  This will fix a lot of the issues that you may have been seeing with adding contacts and saving searches where there was a disconnect between the area that you wanted to help your customer in, and what was being set by the system. Thanks for your patience on this! For more information and a workaround for existing Contacts, see this article in the Knowledge Base: Solutions to Common Problems

    • We heard that you want your local office address (rather than main office) shown on your agent website – we’re happy to have made this update in this release.  
    • All text and email notifications should be going out to you when you receive requests from customers.  We're still having some trouble with notifications for new leads and hope to have that resolved soon.
    • Customer requests for property showings or more information were not always showing the full set of details.  You should now be able to see all of the requests with the full set of request details. 
    • Your photos in the welcome email were being ineffectively resized, and therefore fuzzy. We’re now correctly resizing the photos.  
    • For Brokers: The personnel profile is now showing accurate results for postal codes that the agent covers (as set in LeadRouter). 
    • For Brokers: We’ve updated the toggle switch under leads and marketing, so that the broker can use this toggle for all personnel, regardless of their role.
    • For Brokers: We’ve made it easier to add roles to an admin, by summing up all of the non-agent roles into the admin role – this makes it much quicker to set up an admin in Zap.


    Thanks again for all of your helpful feedback!

    Marissa Azzara August 26, 2016