Zap Release: Mid March 2018

In this release, we’re all about flexibility. You’ll have the ability to add more meeting types into Zap, add team leads from your phone, easily control email campaigns from the Contact Profile, and find the right kind of support for any questions you have!


Zap downtime tonight, Tuesday 3/13 at 9PM PDT

We’ll need to take Zap down tonight for a few hours so we can push out these changes. You can expect to see all of the changes from this release first thing tomorrow morning.


Track different types of meetings

Sure, you’ve got showing appointments. But you’ve also got plenty of other meetings with clients—and you need an easy and accurate way to keep track of them in Zap. In this release, you’ll be able to log buyer’s consultations and other meetings in addition to showing appointments. To do so, just click +Add and select New Meeting.


P.S.— We know listing appointments are another must-have! We’ll be adding them to the “New Meeting” menu as soon as we can.


Manage New Listing Alerts and other campaigns with a toggle

It’s easy to sign your client up for New Listing Alerts and Watched Home Updates. Getting them off the campaigns, though? That can be a hassle. We’re fixing that problem in this release. Just go to the Contact Profile for anyone you have on one of these campaigns, and turn the “Activate” toggle to grey to stop sending the corresponding emails. If your client wants to get back in the loop, you can also toggle the emails right back on later.

activate toggle.png


A more balanced sort order on the “Find an agent” page

We got word from many of you that our default sort order on the “find an agent” list page wasn’t exactly fair. We were sorting by average star rating. And that meant an agent with just 1 five-star rating would get a better spot than an agent with 19 five-star ratings and 1 four-star rating that brought their average down a smidge. Based on your feedback, we’re going to start sorting this list by number of reviews as a quick fix. In the future, we’re hoping to look into a more robust algorithm to weigh different factors when it comes to reviews. We can’t thank you enough for pointing out things about the product that don’t work for you in practice, and speaking up with constructive suggestions!


Get support your way!

Sometimes you get stuck using Zap. Sometimes you need a how-to article or tutorial video, and sometimes you want to ask a question or make a suggestion. And other times, you need to talk to someone who can help you over a hurdle. So now, we’re making it easier to find the right kind of help through Zap.

When you click on “Support” in Zap’s left navigation panel, you’ll be able to select the kind of help you need—and you’ll see your brand’s helpdesk phone number if you need to talk to someone live. We hope this helps you get things resolved faster so you can get back to doing what you do best!


Mark requests for info complete from your Dashboard

In this release, you’ll be able to mark a request for info complete and clear it from your Dashboard in just 2 clicks. Select “Actions” on a request and just click “Mark Complete.”


Team members: add team Contacts on mobile

We hope all our users on teams are enjoying our new teams product! Now, we’re bringing some functionality to mobile. You’ll be able to add a team lead on your mobile app. Just select “team lead” under “lead type” when you’re adding a lead on the go from your iPhone or Android.


Bug fixes and improvements

  • The “Find an agent” link was appearing on team website pages. Those consumers didn’t need to find an agent—they already had a whole team ready to help them! We’ve turned off that link on team websites.
  • Reviews are important. We don’t want anything to get in the way of your clients submitting them. We’ve fixed a bug that was preventing some consumers from clicking “Write a Review” on your websites.
Bria Hunter posted this article on April , 03 , 2018