Zap Release: Late September 2018

We’ve been working hard to improve the Zap experience. A lot has happened, and we’re excited to share what’s new. 


Zap will be down for a few hours on Tuesday, 9.25, at 9PM PDT.


Changes from this release will be live shortly after. 


Show your team off


What’s better than showing off? Doing it as a team. We’re giving teams more options to market themselves on their shared websites:

  • Properties We’ve Toured: We display Property Insights written by you and your teammates on your team website. This means anything you write will be cross-listed on both your and your team’s websites.
  • Follow us: Social media is more fun with friends—or in this case, teammates—who have your back. Now, you’ll be able to direct your customers to your team’s social media pages.
  • Our video: Round out your website with multimedia. Teams can now add video to their websites.

Plenty of fish in the C(RM)



Share your website with not one, but multiple contacts. Click onto Bulk Actions from the Contacts page and select, Share Website. This will let you preview, edit, and send a welcome email inviting users to your website. 


Don’t need it? Don’t read it!



Scripts and Follow-up Plans help streamline your communications with contacts. But there’s a lot of them! Hide the scripts you aren’t using by going into the Script or Follow-up Library and selecting the eye icon.

Hidden scripts and plans will live under the links View Hidden Scripts or View Hidden Plans and will continue to be searchable.  


Not “My Blog,” your Blog


When you tried to create a unique blog page, it would lock onto the title “My Blog.” That wasn’t very fun. Now, you’ll be able to stand out with a custom blog title—"Jane’s Blog” or “Word on the Block.” Anything goes!

To edit your title, select the pencil icon located to the right. If you have more than one blog page, you can select which blog you’d like to edit from a dropdown located above the title.


Video comes to Custom Pages


Custom Pages looking a little sparse? Add a video! From the Custom Pages toolbar, select the film icon to embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo.

NOTE: This feature will be slightly delayed, but it’ll be available by Friday, September 28.


Remind me to…

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 4.29.12 PM.pngAfter you’ve logged a call or sent an email, you can use the Contact Summary to set a reminder. This has been available for a while but defaulted to an older experience with limited functionality. Now, you’ll be able to add descriptions and set recurring dates to these reminders. 


Mobile: A touch of security


Keep your database secure with fingerprint verification. If you have sensitive information stored within Zap, you can elect to verify your identity with a fingerprint each time you open the Zap mobile app. This does not replace the Zap login but gives the app an added layer of security.


For Android users, this feature is in Settings, which you can locate from the Accounts tab on the bottom navigation. iOS users can locate this on the log-in page as an optional toggle.


Jump Ball, a new LeadRouter option


Brokers, get your leads assigned fast. LeadRouter offers a new routing option that offers a lead to multiple agents simultaneously. This is a LeadRouter feature, so check out their release notes for more information.


Bug fixes and improvements



  • Open a new form, such as Add a Listing Appointment. Your cursor will automatically appear on the first form field. Type away—filling out forms just got a little bit easier.
  • Stay in the flow. A new tab will open when users click onto Resources from the agent navigation or website.
  • Join us! We’ve updated BHGRE’s navigation to include a careers link.


  • We get excited about Property Insights, so we’re bummed out when it breaks. Some of you tried to view a property’s details, and the page just wouldn’t load. Now, it will.
  • You tried to turn on Buy and Sell pages, but they wouldn’t appear on your website. They’re back now.
  • When Chrome users tried to select a city from the City page in Advanced Search, no city would appear. We’ve resolved this issue.


Gloria Choi September 28, 2018