Zap Release: Late October 2018

We’ve brought some bulk changes to Zap. Get important tasks done in one go, such as contact import, clean-up, and follow-up.


Import your contacts into Zap

We’ve simplified the process of adding contacts using CSV files.




Once you’ve uploaded a CSV file, we’ll display its contents in a table. We’ll do our best to label the columns automatically, but you’ll also be able to use the dropdowns to label each column.


To access this feature, click on the Add button on the top navigation or New Contact from the Contacts page (we’ve removed the option to import contacts from Bulk Actions to make it easier to access all the other things you can do in bulk!).


Follow up with more of your leads

Follow-up Plans are a great way to nurture your leads, and now you can assign them in bulk!




Select which contacts you’d like to assign a Follow-up Plan to. Then, click on Bulk Actions and select Follow-up Plan. Find a Follow-up Plan by typing in the search bar or using any of the filters.


Other changes to Bulk Actions
Contact Status: We hope your contacts are changing, from New to Hot, or from Incubating to

Closed. Let their status reflect this change. Once you’ve selected which contacts you’d like to update, click Bulk Actions and select Status.




This will let you change multiple contacts to a single Status type (New, Hot, Incubating, Cold, or Closed).


Delete Contacts: No one likes bad or outdated leads. Keep your database clean and up-to-date with options to delete in bulk.




From your Contacts page, click onto Bulk Actions and select DeleteIf any of the contacts you’ve deleted are Broker Leads, you’ll be asked to provide a reason. Agent leads will be completely deleted from your account whereas broker leads will be returned to your broker.


It’s all in the (contact) details

Your contacts are your business, and you need a system to keep tabs on the information they share with youwhether it be personal interests or property preferences.




We’re introducing new fields for you to fill out your contacts’ profiles more completely. These will include birthday, anniversary, job title, company, social profile, property interests, and partner.


To add a field, go into your contact’s profile by clicking onto their name. Locate the section, Personal Details, and click the pencil icon to edit or add new fields.


Bug fixes and improvements 


  • Mobile: We’re offering more options to share your listings online. Now, you’ll be able to post listings to LinkedIn.

  • Mobile: Teams, share leads with one another from your mobile app.


  • When a contact opted out of an automated email, Zap would mark them as in compliance despite them never having received the email. This has been updated.

  • Mobile (Android-only): When you tried to update a contact without entering a phone number, an error would appear. This won’t appear anymore.

  • Mobile (Android-only): If you tapped Send to send an email, it would send. If you tapped it again, it would send again. This wasn’t your intention. Now, we’ll disable the button after you’ve tapped Send once.

Ashley Salazar October 23, 2018