Zap Release: Late May 2018

Add links to your site navigation—plus, a new admin Dashboard

There’s more to customize in this release. Show off any link in your website’s navigation by adding it to the Resources module. Plus, we’ve got something big for all the hard-working company admins out there: a Dashboard designed just for you.

Zap will be down for a few hours on Tuesday, 5.22, at 9 PM PDT.

Changes from this release will be live on Wednesday, 5.23.


Add resources to your website’s navigation

You probably know that you can add links to resources to your website’s homepage. But maybe that spot isn’t front-and-center enough for some of the things you’re trying to showcase. If that’s your dilemma, we’ve got something for you: you can now add any link to your website’s navigation bar with a simple toggle.



If you’re an agent, look for the Resources section on the “My Website” page (brokers and admin, you’ll find this on your “Company Configuration” page. If there’s a link you want in your website’s navigation bar, add it, give it a name, and switch the toggle labeled “Add to Navigation” to green. Once you do, your site’s visitors can easily find your content at the top of your website. Check out this example:



We’re excited to see the creative ways you put this to use. You can use this method to show off links to your YouTube channel, blog posts, and much more. And don’t worry, we know you need the real deal: custom pages. Our product people are hard at work and hope to have the feature ready for you soon!


Teams: collaborate freely on your leads

Team members can now lend a helping hand and perform all actions on team leads. For all team admins and team leaders out there, this feature will be perfect for you! You can now edit contact information, send email, add reminders, assign Follow-up Plans, sign in as contact for home recommendations, and more. We’ll track the History of actions taken in the Contact Profile.


Admins, you’ve got your very own Dashboard

If you’re an admin, the first thing you’ve always seen when you logged in to Zap was a Dashboard optimized for agents. That was fine if you were also an agent. But if you weren’t, we hadn’t exactly made it easy for you to find what you really logged in for.


Admins usually have different responsibilities—like managing Contacts across your company or office. So we built a Dashboard just for you with easy links to some of your common lead management tasks.




Click on any of the options to manage:

  • Contacts who need to be reassigned
  • Contacts marked as “dead leads”
  • Contacts marked as “bogus leads”
  • Delayed leads
  • Halted leads


You’ll be taken to a list of all the Contacts within each category, and from there, you’re ready to take care of business. Learn more about managing company Contacts in the Knowledge Base.


An update on the Traffic Report

We recently released the Traffic Report, which told you how many times people had seen your agent-customer impressions on your website and your company’s website. Unfortunately, we've seem some significant bugs and data errors, so we need to temporarily take the feature down from the site while we work on improving it. We apologize, and we'll have the Traffic Report live again as soon as we can.


Turn off Auto New Listing Alerts

We’re giving agents the ability to turn off Auto New Listing Alerts. Auto New Listing Alerts are similar to standard New Listing Alerts: emails with listings that match a client’s most recent search. Clients should only get them if they don’t have any recommended searches and have done a search in the last 90 days. These are meant to encourage clients to come back to your site, but we know that sometimes they want your help turning them off. You’ll find the toggle under “Campaigns” on the Contact Profile.



Plus: your leads that come in through a third-party website or app are now eligible to start receiving these automated New Listing Alerts! If your third-party leads don't save a search, Zap will take the ZIP code of their search and send them auto New Listing Alerts, too. This will apply to any lead who came in through a non-Zap site anytime on or after April 11th, 2018.



Cleaning up your Contact Profile

Ever notice the “Action Items” alert box at the top of your Contact Profile? If so, you’ve probably wondered why it’s showing up at all. And you might have even seen some inaccurate information there about your Contact’s compliance status, requests, or Follow-up Plans.


Your Dashboard and Contacts page are the best places to find out whether your Contact is out of compliance, needs a Follow-up Plan, or has an outstanding request. So we’re cleaning up some of the clutter on your Contact Profile by removing this box from the top of the Contact Profile.


Bria Hunter posted this article on May , 24 , 2018