Zap Release: Late March 2018

Property Insights just got a whole lot simpler to add and manage. Plus, we’ve got great news for Gmail users. Check out this release’s updates below!


Zap will be down for a few hours starting Tuesday 3.27, at 9 PM PDT


You can expect to see changes from this release first thing on Wednesday, 3.28.


Meet a new and improved sign-in page!


Every two weeks, we announce new features right here on the Zap Community. But every day, there are tons of people who have trouble signing in to Zap—and that keeps them from utilizing all the product has to offer. We needed a better way for people to retrieve their forgotten passwords. So we’ve introduced a new sign-in page that includes helpful hints and links to reset passwords. It’s also got a sleek new look!

 Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.50.57 AM.png


Integrate Gmail with Zap!


For those of you that use Gmail to stay in touch with your clients, you can now send emails through Zap from your Gmail accounts and see a history of your Gmail messages in Zap. You can do that today! Just go to the ZapStore and click on “Learn More” under Gmail. By the way: if you’re using Outlook, we’ve got an integration for you as well!


Add Property Insights—no showing appointment required


Showings aren’t the only way you view homes. You might tour them on your own or with your broker—but as long as you’ve seen the property for yourself, you’ve got valuable insight to share about it.


Up until now, you’ve needed to add a showing to Zap in order to add Property Insights. That led to extra clicks, and having to add and enter yourself as a Contact. Now, it’s no showing, no problem. Add Property Insights for a property by clicking on “+Add”, “New Agent Insights,” and “New Property Insights.”


Plus—we know many of you have been looking for a central place to manage and remove Property Insights if they’re no longer relevant. Now, you can add, view, and remove Property Insights from the “My Website” page under “Agent Insights.”




Add showing appointments with ease


You’ll also have an easier time adding showing appointments with a redesigned, simplified flow. Now that Property Insights are a separate feature in their own right, there’s more room to focus on the essentials of adding and scheduling a showing appointment.




Display blog posts on search results pages


Working hard on your blog? If so, we’ve built a way to get you more exposure. Now, your blog posts that are tagged with a specific city show up on that city’s search results page.


Haven’t been using location tags when blogging? No worries! Edit any existing posts you want to show up search results pages and add a tag. Under the “Publish” menu, add a location tag using the auto-complete field. Going forward, tag any post that’s locally relevant with a city to get seen on search pages!


Brokers: Manage your ZapLeads campaign your way


If you’re a broker participating in the ZapLeads program, you’ve got ZIP codes that you want to target and agents that you want working the leads in those areas. Until now, you’ve had to call our Emeryville team to add or remove agents or areas from the program. Now, you can manage your campaign when and where you want—no phone call required. Just go to your ZapLeads settings page, click the “Edit” link beside “Agents and Lead ZIP codes”, and add or remove agents and ZIP codes with a few clicks.


Bug fixes and improvements


  • Some of your agent leads were showing a tag that read “broker lead.” All visual, no effect on your commission splits or updating rules—but that distinction matters. We’ve fixed the bug, and your agent leads will show the appropriate tag.
  • A bug was causing notes to disappear when you imported your Contacts into Zap. All fixed!
  • They call paper mail snail mail for a reason—and email’s supposed to be its super-fast counterpart. Unfortunately, a bug was causing bulk email to run slowly for more than 1,000 Contacts. We’ve squashed that bug!
  • Two bugs with map search have been resolved: Map search now works in Internet Explorer, and neighborhood and subdivision filters are also working.



Bria Hunter April 6, 2018