Zap Release: Late June 2018

This release’s changes have been a long time coming. We’ve been testing out a redesigned Dashboard that we’re finally ready to show you. Plus, those custom pages you’ve been asking for are finally available! 


Meet your new Zap Dashboard!

Your Dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to Zap—and it’s got a big job. It needs to help you find all of your major tasks for the day and get them accomplished. To do that effectively, we gave it a big redesign.

Now, your Dashboard will give you a much clearer look at what you need to get done for the day. You’ll see five distinct sections:

  • Requests—including showing requests, listing appointment requests, and requests for information
  • New Leads & Registrants—which includes any new leads you haven’t gotten in touch with yet
  • Meetings—like showings, buyers’ consultations, and more
  • Reminders—including tasks you’ve set reminders for and people you wanted to be reminded to get in touch with
  • and Updates Due—everyone you need to contact to stay in compliance 
    Image: the new Dashboard with tiles for each section, Reminders, Meetings, New Leads, Requests,Updates DueEnjoy the new Dashboard on your desktop…
Image of iPhone with new Dashboard, includes tiles for Reminders, Meetings, New Leads, Requests, Updates Due

…or on mobile!


We tested out this redesign with a group of 5,000 users in the past few weeks to get feedback on it—a special thanks to our beta testers! Now, everyone can access it. To do so, click the link that says “Go to new dashboard” in the top right corner of your screen when you’re logged into the desktop version of Zap.

Want to learn more about the new Dashboard so you’re prepared to make the switch? We’ve got a Knowledge Base article to help!


Updated global navigation bar 

We know how important it is for your consumers to be able to easily find information on buying or selling, info about your brand, and more. So we’re updating your website’s navigation bar to give it a sleek new design.


Custom pages are finally here 

Custom pages have been a hot topic for a while. Agents asked for them. Brokers asked for them. ZapLabs employees asked for them on your behalf! And they’re finally here.

You can now create a custom page for your Zap site. It’ll show up in your site’s navigation, and you can customize the cover image, headers, and content.

custom page once.png


Once you create a custom page, you can choose to have it appear in your website’s new main navigation. It’ll appear to the right of your brand’s default navigation items. There’s no limit to how many custom pages you can create, but once you create more than 5 pages, each page will be grouped under a brand-provided category in the navigation.

We’re super excited to offer you this feature, even though it’s still a work in progress. There’s more we want to add, but in the meantime, keep giving us your feedback—and start showing off what makes you unique.


Adding images to emails is getting way easier

We know that you want your emails to look their best—and that means being able to add images. You could add images before—but it wasn’t exactly easy. You needed to host the image online, grab its URL and paste it in. Not great.

Now, all you need to do is upload a file directly from your computer, or even just copy and paste. Go ahead and give your emails some eye-candy!


Integrate with dotloop!

If you’re using dotloop for transaction management, we’ve got good news for you. Just link your dotloop account to Zap through the “ZapStore” link in the left navigation panel. Once you do, you’ll be able to start a loop from a Contact Profile. Loops are also pulled from dotloop and displayed alongside Zap transactions, so both systems talk to each other.


“Touchpoint Notes” are now just notes

Touchpoint Notes are a simple way to keep your leads up to date—but if you’ve gotten them confused with steps (“Touchpoints”) in a Follow-up Plan, we don’t blame you. We’re clearing up the confusion by renaming Touchpoint Notes to simply “notes.”


REScoreboard: See your progress toward monthly goals

Longer term goals show that you’re in it for the long haul, but until now, you didn’t have an easy way to visualize your progress toward them on REScoreboard. We’re changing that in this release: now, you’ll see your progress toward monthly goals under “My Progress”. You can also see a breakdown of your progress by week.

Bria Hunter posted this article on June , 25 , 2018