Zap Release: Late April 2018

You want to look good when you’re marketing your tools and services to clients. And your technology should make that as easy as possible. So in this release, we’ve got some improvements that will take the headache out of sharing links to your site and help you do your custom content justice.


Zap will be down for a few hours on Tuesday, 4.24, at 9 PM PDT.

Changes from this release will be live on Wednesday, 4.25.


Create a shareable link to a property or search


You're already doing a lot of work to market yourself. The last thing you need is one more thing to think about when you're sharing a link on social media or via email. But up until now, you've had to carefully type a referral tag and add it to every URL before you share it to ensure that you're marketed on your listings. Now, that's getting a lot easier.


Just paste a URL into Zap's new shareable link generator, and Zap will attach all the info, and even copy the link for you. No hassle. Here's how:

1. Find a property or search results page you want to share and copy the URL.

2. Click +Add in the top navigation bar and select "New Shareable Link".

3. Paste the URL into the field provided and press "Get Link". The URL will be copied. Paste it into an email, Facebook field, you name it.




Plus, if you’re already signed in as a Contact and searching on your website, we’ve got a new button to make this even easier. You should see a button that says “Share Link” at the very top of the screen. Click it to copy a shareable link with your referral info with just one click!




Easily crop cover photos & banners for custom content


When you’re creating a blog post or content for your custom pages, your cover photo speaks for you as much as your words do. But if your images look distorted and blurry, that can take away from your message.


Our old photo upload tool wasn’t exactly helping you in that regard—images often got stretched or squished when we tried to make them fit within the website’s dimensions. Now, an easy image cropping tool has a slider to adjust your images so that they look just as beautiful to your consumer as they should. Your images will need to meet these minimum size requirements:

  • Blog cover photos: 1263 by 383 pixels
  • Buy/sell a home banner images: 1920 by 1080 pixels 18.4.2 cropping tool.png


Expanded bulk actions on Contacts for admins


Admins, we know you’ve got a lot on your plates. In this release, we’re hoping to free up a little more of your time with the ability to take bulk actions on Contacts in groups of up to 1,000 at a time. Reassign or mark dead or bogus leads in bulk by clicking the checkbox at the top of your Admin Contacts list and narrowing down the number as needed.




Course instructors: manage your student list with ease


If you’re teaching a course through REScoreboard, you can now unenroll students from your course’s cohort in bulk, and add new ones. On the “Teach a Course” page in REScoreboard, click on the “Student List” button. You can click the X to remove a student, and type in a name to add a new student. Click Save when you’re done.


Improvements and bug fixes

  • Filter by last contact date! You could already order your list by last contact date, but now you can choose to see only Contacts who you last contacted within a specific window of time.
  • We recently released something pretty cool: the ability to promote your blog posts on search results pages. What wasn’t so cool: some of the images associated with your posts were looking wacky. We’ve fixed that bug.
  • When panning around on the map on the consumer site, users were seeing the map jump back to a different spot when they applied new filters. We’ve fixed this bug.
  • Consumers on the “Find an Agent” page were seeing highly-rated agents in offices that were way too far to be useful, so we’ll now incorporate office distance in our sort order logic. We’ll also display the brokerage offices that are closest to the consumer’s search area.



Bria Hunter posted this article on May , 02 , 2018