Zap Release: June 2015

    In this release we added the Contact Profile – you can now see (and edit) all the details about your contacts, including ZapScore details, campaigns, and past communications – and fixed a lot of bugs you identified. Thanks for your help, and keep it coming!   



    Bugs: you found them, we fixed them! 

    • We’ve fixed your Lead Gen URL so that it takes you and everyone else who uses it to your Agent Website. You can also click on the View My Website link on the My Website page, and it will take you to your Agent Website.
    • We’ve adjusted the content and links on the welcome email to make sure the new contacts you send it to are able to create their password and get into your website. We’ve also adjusted it to not include a name for leads that come in with partial or missing names that come in from LeadRouter.
    • We’ve fixed the About Me, Agent Video, and Professional Info sections on My Website, so that changes you make are saved and posted to your website.
    • We’ve fixed the connection with LinkedIn and Google+, so you can link up your accounts to your website.
    • We’ve made sure that your full company name is showing everywhere. In places it was missing the brand component of your company name.
    • When adding Contacts to Zap, sometimes it was creating two accounts. We’ve fixed that so it only creates one.
    • We’ve adjusted the MLS’s in Zap to be names that you recognize.
    • We’re now displaying the email scripts in alphabetical order.
    • We’re now showing the complete set of areas your company serves. 

    Contact Profile is here!

    The Contact Profile is the whole enchilada of lead details and activity.  You can see and edit additional information about your Contact and learn more about their search.


    It’s important to note that this brings a lot more insight and control to how you work with your contacts but this is just the first pass – we’ve got more coming (including a map of the specific properties your Contact has viewed and saved) later this summer. 


    • Basic Info: Add all the relevant details about your Contact
    • Actions: Sign in as Contact or mark as bogus
    • ZapScore: Find out what your Contact has been up to
    • Campaigns and Follow-Ups: See what your Contact is signed up for
    • Business: View all new, scheduled, and completed requests or showings
    • History: Check out all of your past communications and LeadRouter history


    Contact Profile.jpg 



    Marissa Azzara August 26, 2016