Zap Release: July 2015

    In this release we added LeadRouter compliance colors to Zap and redesigned the mobile website home details to perform better and be easier for your customers to use.  We also fixed a bunch of the issues you’ve helped us identify (thank you!) and added improvements to make Zap work better for you. 


    Feature Improvements


    • We’ve redesigned the home details pages on your mobile websites to perform better and be easier for your customers to use. 

    3phones Copy.png


    • It was hard to see which leads are in compliance. We’ve adding colors to the “no contact” tag, so you can now see red (out of compliance), yellow (nearly out of compliance) and green (all good).


    • We’ve improved the process for leads you add to Zap to more easily reset their password before going on to search on your website.


    • Whenever you see your Contact’s name as a blue link in Zap, it now links to their Contact Profile.


    • When you accept New Leads that have requested information on a property, you can see a Request for Info in Zap under Tasks. 


    • We’ve cleaned up the duplicate LeadRouter notes in the History section of the Contact Profile.


    • We’ve improved our contact form to highlight the listing agent to unassigned consumers on the company website.


    • We’ve removed the "Email Agent Now" (Agent Module on the Company Homepage) and "Email" link on the agent website, so that you can better capture all leads.


    • On the company website, we’ve restricted the “Find an Agent” search by name to agents from within the company. If a consumer searches by location, they can find agents that service areas outside of the areas served by the company.


    • We’ve added an additional line to company info in the footer, so that companies can add license, or other information to comply with state or MLS regulations. Admin can access this setting by going to Manage, then Configurations.


    • We’ve replaced the company 800 number with each company’s local number.


    • We’ve built in functionality to support multiple brokers that service the same metro. 


    Bugs: you found them, we’ve fixed them! 

    • Agent website links in Zap now take you and your customers to your agent website. There is not a “Find an Agent” tab when utilizing these links.


    • Text and email notifications are now going out and email notifications will include key info such as property details, client message and how they registered.


    • Changes that you make in Zap (My Website, Profile Notes, Contact's name, etc) are now being saved.


    • Agent-generated leads are correctly tagged as agent leads.


    • Emails initiated from the Contact Profile will always send now (you’ll get the confirmation screen with the green checkmark verifying that the email has been sent).


    • A tag has been added to the Add Script feature, so that you can direct your customers to your website.  Scripts in the Script Library have been updated to show this link.


    • Agents and brokers will not be timed out of Zap before an hour of activity.


    • All new leads and newly added contacts are tagged as able to receive bulk email.


    • Agents can log in as client. Previously, at times an error was occurring.


    • Mobile websites now show company logos on the company homepage.


    • Duplicate personnel entries have been removed.


    • Companies with & in their name can now send the welcome email to new contacts.


    • Companies with & or Inc. in their name have URLs that are now working correctly.





    Marissa Azzara August 26, 2016