Zap Release: Early November 2018

With this release, we’re integrating Realogy’s partnership with Home Partners, in addition to introducing new team options, Home Value Updates, and an easier process for adding new contacts.


Home Partners of America


Zap is supporting Home Partners of America, an organization which offers lease-to-own options for families wanting to purchase a home. We’re introducing a module that details Home Partners’ offerings. This will appear for a number of pre-qualified Home Partners listings. This module may serve as a lead source for agents, depending on the MLSs or listings you service.


Reassign multiple leads to a team member


Distribute your workload by reassigning several leads at once. Leads you reassign will go to your team leader who will then distribute your leads. Leaders have the option to reassign leads to any team agent. From the Contacts page, click Bulk Actions and select Reassign.

NOTE: If your leads have not been shared to your team, you’ll need to share your contacts before reassigning them.


Share new leads to your team, automatically


Work your leads as a team, from beginning to end. Now, you can share your new leads automatically. From your Lead and Notification Settings, locate the heading Share Leads with Team, and toggle the option on. Any new or reassigned leads will be shared with your team members.


Watched Homes > Home Value UpdatesPicture1.pngWe’ve renamed Watched Homes Updates to Home Value Updates and created a new module for you to be able to easily set up this campaign. Just a reminder, Home Value Updates sends sellers weekly emails about listings and sold homes similar to their own home.


Add contacts with ease


When you're adding a single contact, include only the information important to you. We've decreased the number of required fields to just an email address or phone number. You'll also be able to add personal details right from the start. 


Bug fixes and improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate records of contacts were appearing on the dashboard, but you weren’t able to do anything with them. This won’t happen anymore.
  • When you sort your contacts, they’ll stay sorted even after you’ve navigated away from the Contacts page.
  • We’d removed the option to share contacts from the Bulk Import page, but we’ve brought it back now.
  • Although you linked your Outlook or Gmail account, Zap wasn’t loading emails to your email history on the Contact Summary. It will now.
  • Dotloop users, we’ve fixed a couple bugs that were preventing you from creating loops. Additionally, the LoopIt button will now appear on the Contact Profile page.


  • We were excited to launch our new dashboard and now, we’ll be officially transitioning out of the old dashboard.
  • We’ve introduced new call scripts from the Learning COE that you can use to guide buyers and sellers through their home-transaction process. Search for “ReaLearning” (BHGRE+ERA), “CBU” (Coldwell Banker), or “C21 University Call Scripts” (C21).
Ashley Salazar November 2, 2018