Zap Release: Early May 2018

Want data on how your business is performing? If so, you’ll like this release. We’ve got new reporting on the exposure you’re getting with the Traffic Report. Craving more? Your Zap site is now compatible with both Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Read on to learn more and find out what else is new in this jam-packed release.


Zap will be down for a few hours on Tuesday, 5.8, at 9 PM PDT.


Changes from this release will be live on Wednesday, 5.9.


See how much exposure you’re getting with the Traffic Report


Zap is set up to put you front-and-center and get you the exposure you deserve online. We make it a point to help you get seen through agent-customer impressions by showing your name and face to customers browsing on your site as much as possible. So now, we’re putting that data in your hands.

With the Traffic Report, you can track your impressions and find out just how many people have seen you over a given time period.


You’ll be able to see your impressions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Learn more about why agent-customer impressions matter (and how you can get more of them) in our Knowledge Base.


Use Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel!


Can’t get enough metrics? You’re in luck. If you’re an agent, you can now add a Google Analytics tracking ID, a Facebook Pixel, or both to your website to measure your website traffic and Facebook ad conversion.

We’ve made it super easy to add the code to your website: go to “My Website” in Zap, go to the “Website Tracking” section, add your tracking code or ID into the fields provided, and click Save!

Brokers and admin, you already had Google Analytics compatibility, but now, you can use Facebook Pixel with your company’s Zap site, too. Go to the bottom of the “Content” section of your Company Configurations page to start tracking your metrics.

Already have a Google Analytics account or Pixel? This handy resource from Google walks you through finding your tracking ID. Facebook also has information on setting up your Pixel.

Curious about whether these tools are for you? Read up on Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to see what they have to offer.


Priority Dates are now Reminders!


If you’ve been using Priority Dates to keep in touch with people, we’re making some improvements to make the feature easier to find. First, we’re changing the name to Reminders. You’ll also get more flexibility when setting recurring reminders, whether you want them every week or every 5 years.


You can see all your Reminders for a Contact under “Campaigns” on their Contact Profile, and Reminders will still show up on the day they’re due under “Priority”. We’ve got more improvements in the works, so stay tuned!


Recover forgotten usernames on the sign-in page


You’ve already got a way to recover your forgotten password. But what if you forget your username? Now, we’ve got a solution for that too. You can click the “Forgot username?” option on the sign-in screen and enter the mobile phone number associated with your account. We’ll send a text message with your username to that number, and you’ll be back in Zap in no time.



Improving map search for your clients


We’ve learned that being able to search for homes on a map is important for real estate consumers. They expect an easily accessible, high quality map search experience—so in this release, we’re making some improvements.

First, we’re making map search on desktop more discoverable, with a larger “View Map” button on the left side of the search results screen.


We’re also making map search more customizable on mobile web: customers can now draw their own map boundaries with the drawing tool, which was previously only available on desktop and your native app. This should help them narrow down their results and find a home in the neighborhood they want, even when they’re on the go.



REScoreboard improvements for students and instructors


If you’re taking a listing course through REScoreboard, you can now track your market repositionings under “My Progress”. You’ll be able to see how many market repositionings you’ve logged during the course, and the average price reduction.

If you’re teaching a course through REScoreboard, you can delete a cohort by clicking on the trash can icon next to the cohort’s name and date.


Improvements and bug fixes


  • Brand logos will now show up on the password reset option from the sign-in page.
  • When a customer is working with a team, they shouldn’t see links to agents who aren’t in the team. We’re removing links to agents outside the team that appear beside Local Insights for those consumers.
  • A bug was causing consumers to see a blank photo gallery for some listings on mobile web. This is fixed.
  • On desktop, consumers and agents were running into a bug on map search: when they drew a custom shape to search within, they were seeing results outside of their designated area. We’ve built a fix.
  • The History section of a team Contact’s Profile was previously displaying any logged-in user’s photo beside actions taken by the assigned agent. We’ve fixed that bug!
  • A bug was causing Listing Activity Report emails to display the wrong information for some properties that shared an MLS number with a different home. This is now fixed.
Bria Hunter posted this article on May , 14 , 2018