Zap Release: Early June 2018

In this release, we’ve got a new automated email to help you drum up interest with early stage potential buyers. If you’re working with military home buyers, we’ve got a little something in this release for you, too.


Zap will be down for a few hours on Tuesday, 6.5, at 9 PM PDT.

Changes from this release will be live on Wednesday, 6.6.


Keep potential clients informed with city market emails

When your potential buyers are just beginning their search in a new city, they've got lots of questions. And now, you've got answers.

We're launching city market emails. They're sent after your client saves a home in a new city. And they include information on the market's inventory, price trends, nearby cities and neighborhoods, and more.



These emails aren't part of a larger campaign-they're sent just once, when your Contact saves their first home in an area where they haven't saved homes before. We think these will be a great way to bring curious potential clients back to your website!


See the full history for reassigned leads

You want to be fully informed on the leads you're working with, even if you're not the first agent to get in touch with them. Now, once a lead is reassigned to you, you'll be able to view the history of actions taken by their previous agent on their Contact Profile. Just scroll down to "History" at the bottom of the page.


REScoreboard: Unenroll from a cohort

If you're enrolled in a learning course and need to unenroll, you can now do so under REScoreboard. Just go to the "Take a Course" link and look for the "Unenroll" button beside any course that's currently active.


Your clients can now search by point of interest

If your clients are searching on your website, they can now search by a point of interest (like a military base), in addition to all the usual search options like address, MLS number, and city.


Improvements and bug fixes

  • When you signed in as a Contact, we were incorrectly displaying that date as your "last contact date". That wasn't quite accurate, so we won't record those as a last contact date. Don't worry-signing in as a Contact will still update compliance.
  • The Listing Activity Report shows your clients how many times potential buyers have viewed, saved, or requested a visit for their home. But sometimes, a property is listed more than once, and we were missing the data for the additional listings. We've fixed that, and we're counting all activity on each separate listing.
  • If you've been using the Resources module, you might have encountered a bug that was preventing you from saving resources with spaces in their names. That's fixed!
  • Some agents and brokers using Firefox weren't able to click on some of the toggles or the "Save" button on the Lead and Notification Settings page. Firefox users (and Chrome users with the Grammarly browser extension) also were unable to save website content under "Professional Info". These have been fixed.
Bria Hunter posted this article on June , 11 , 2018