Zap Release: Early July 2018

In this release,we’re adding additional client types beyond buyer, seller, and renter.We’re also giving the new Dashboard a bit more of a spotlight!


Zap will be down for a few hours on Thursday, 7.5, at 9 PM PDT.


Changes from this release will be live on Friday, 7.6.

Note: You may have heard about flexible work periods through REScoreboard. We want to give you a heads up that this feature will not be available as part of this release as previously communicated. We’ve identified some opportunities for improvement and are evaluating the feature before we release it.

More flexibility with 7 new client types

We’ve heard that you need more options when you’re adding people into Zap. After all, not everyone you talk to is either a buyer, seller, or renter. Now, you can make use of these additional client types:

  • Investor
  • Personal Contact
  • Past Client
  • Agent
  • Vendor
  • Recruit
  • Other

Get familiar with your new Dashboard

We recently rolled out a brand new Dashboard for you to try out! Now, we’ll default you to the new Dashboard if you’re still using the old one.

Easily show off your new listings on social media

When you get a new listing, that’s an accomplishment to show off! Now, Zap’s mobile app will send you a push notification when you get a listing. Click on it to share your listing on Facebook!


Image of a mobile app screen with a photo and address for a listing a text field to add comments and a link to Share to Facebook



This is a mobile-only feature, so don’t miss it! Search for Zap CRM in the App Store or Play Store.

Reduced character minimum requirement for Property Insights

We heard from you that our minimum character requirement of 150 characters for Property Insights was too much, so we’re reducing the minimum to 100 characters.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • When consumers tried to save a home while they were logged out, a bug was preventing them from signing into their existing accounts. This is fixed.
  • Zap wasn’t tracking the open rates on your newly created email scripts. We’re correcting that!
  • We’ve also fixed a bug that was preventing bulk emails from updating the open rate for email scripts.
  • Automated Follow-up Plan emails were not counting as updates for compliance, and we weren’t tracking that they were opened in the ZapScore details. We’ve fixed these issues.


Bria Hunter posted this article on July , 10 , 2018