Zap Release: Early August 2018

Take ownership of your agent website with new features on Property Insights and Custom Pages. We’ve also made improvements to lead routing and management, for agents and admins alike.


Zap will be down briefly on Tuesday, 8.14 at 9PM PDT.

Changes from this release will be live shortly after.


Goodbye minimum character count!

Yes, we’ve removed the minimum character count on Property Insights, but we encourage you to continue writing fun, engaging descriptions. We’ve already displayed Insights for your live listings, but now we’ll let you display off-market ones too. Showcase your Property Insights, and let your experiences shine!


Property Insights.png


Know what’s what on Custom Pages

Your agent website helps to shape your professional image. Custom Pages lets you color that image with content unique to yourself. Before you commit to a Page, double check that it matches your expectations. You’ll be able to preview your Custom Page by clicking “Preview Page” in the text editor toolbar.



Custom Pages.png


Add tags in bulk

We’ve added a new way to update your Contacts in bulk. Now, you’ll be able to add tags to multiple contacts at once. From the Contacts page, select the contacts you’d like to add a tag for. Then, you will need to locate “Tag” under “Bulk Actions.” This will open up a modal where you can to add multiple new or existing tags. 


Route your third-party leads to Zap

Whether your leads come from Zap or from Zillow, you need a system to file through and organize them. Before, if you wanted to route your third-party leads, you needed to consult your admin for a unique Routing Email. Now, you can access this information in Zap from “Lead and Notification Settings” under the section, “Contact Information.” Once you’ve identified your email, funnel your third-party leads to Zap.


Out with the old, in with the new

With the introduction of the Routing Email, we’re also simplifying the process of removing agent leads. Agent leads are contacts you’ve personally added or generated through your marketing efforts. To remove an agent lead, enter the Contact Profile and find the “More” dropdown. From there, you can select “Delete Contact.” Respond to the simple confirmation prompt, and you’re all set!


Admins, search for agents in ZapLeads

If you’re an admin, you need to check which of your agents are available before enrolling them to a ZapLeads campaign. Now, you can find and enroll agents using search. Access ZapLeads by selecting ZapStore from the left navigation panel.


Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.16.02 AM.png Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.16.20 AM.png

Bug fixes and improvements

  • From your agent website, you’ve been able to add links to several of your social media accounts. We’ve added Instagram and Pinterest to this list of accounts.
  • When you tried to export contacts in bulk, the loading bar would freeze on occasion. This is fixed.
  • ZipRealty was displaying non-PbZ agent information on their website. Now, only PbZ agents will appear.
Gloria Choi August 27, 2018