Product Updates: March 2019

Simplified onboarding for new agents


Get set up with Zap’s new onboarding wizard! The onboarding wizard helps new agents configure their basic settings: link an email account, turn on lead notifications, etc.



Access the onboarding wizard from notifications on the top navigation. Once you’ve finished setting up, you can dive right into the Zap CRM!


NOTE: Only new agents will be able to access the onboarding experience. 


Bug fixes

  • Which Washington? Although your client opted to receive market emails for only one city, (e.g. Washington, Georgia) they would receive emails for many cities (e.g. Washington, Indiana; Washington, Illinois). We’ve fixed this.
  • When you sent out an automated email from Zap, the “Last Contact” date wasn’t updating. We’ve fixed this.
  • When you imported a CSV file, sometimes the contact’s City, State, and Zip code would come up blank. We’ll pull in the full address now.
  • The ProScore report would feature agents who had long left the company. We’ve fixed the report to display up-to-date information. 
  • Instead of deleting a tag, sometimes we’d duplicate it! No more tricks. Now, your tags will delete when you want them to.
  • When a consumer conducts a search, Zap spotlights an agent at the bottom of the results page. This was great for publicity, but your agent spotlight was missing star ratings. We’ve since brought back the stars.
  • Admins, when you searched for a contact like “John” and received too many results, we gave you the option to “See all results”. Then, when you clicked see all, we returned a blank page. That’s not right. Your contacts will display now.
  • When you set up Home Value Updates for your prospective sellers, Zap sends your contacts properties similar to their off-market property. Sometimes you would select a property to send Home Value Updates on, but Zap would register a different property. We’ve fixed this.
  • The ZapScore is supposed to break down your contacts’ activity so you can see at a glance how your contact has engaged with Zap (showing requests, saved homes, etc.). The contact activity was not displaying, but we’ve resolved this.



  • The Traffic Report has been "Coming Soon" for a long time. We've been hard at work fixing bugs, so we decided to remove the Coming Soon link. You can get all of the website traffic reports you want by linking your Zap website to Google Analytics.
  • The good news is, Google Contacts is back! Import contacts from your Google account by going into the top navigation and selecting + Add > New Contacts > Import Contacts. Learn more from our Knowledge Base article, Adding contacts in bulk.
  • USAA agents will now be able to see and service leads from non-digital channels through Zap.
  • iOS Zap 5.0 will be released with a dialog that encourages iOS 9/10 users to upgrade their iPhones to iOS 11 or later. After May, newer Zap releases will only be available to iPhone users with iOS 11 or later. Similar changes will be made to Android.
  • We’ve tweaked the ZapScore to reflect when your contacts fall off. If you client shows no activity for 60 days, their ZapScore will be reset to zero.
Gloria Choi June 10, 2019