Product Updates: January 2019

We’re kicking off the new year with an improvement to Property Insights and bug fixes.


Quick add Property Insights 


Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.25.03 AM.png

When your lead expresses interest in a listing through a Request for Info or Showing Request, you can follow up with a Property Insight!


Anywhere you see a Request for Info or Showing Request, click the Actions dropdown. Select Add Insight to share what you know about a property.


Bug fixes

  • When you tried editing your professional info from your agent website, some entries would not save. We’ve fixed this.
  • When you tried entering your Google Analytics tracking ID, the form field would cut off. We’ve increased the character count to resolve this issue.
  • Your professional info would cut off when you tried to view more details or add a new entry. We’ve fixed this. 
  • When you created more than fifty custom pages, they wouldn’t list properly in Zap. We’ve introduced pagination to relieve this problem. 
  • Some team members weren’t able to reassign leads in Zap. This has been fixed.


  • Now, you’ll be able to log showings that occurred in the past.
  • We’ve made changes to the Community to help agents accomplish tasks more quickly.
    • The Community is now responsive across mobile devices.
    • We’ve reorganized the Knowledge Base to help you find the information you need, faster. We’ve also updated our articles and videos to reflect recent changes in Zap.
    • We’ve made it easier to access the Help Desk number.
  • Admins, we’ve reintroduced the ability to change your agents’ cover and profile photos by proxy. 
Ashley Salazar June 10, 2019