Product Updates: February 2019


Bug fixes 

  • Open rates let you know which emails are successful, so it’s critical that they’re accurate. Previously, when you sent an automated email using Follow-up Plans, the open rate wouldn’t update. Now, open rates for automated emails will be accurate and updated.
  • The ZapScore keeps track of your clients’ activity to help you reach out to the right person at the right time. Recently, the ZapScore has been reflecting inaccurate numbers, but we’ve fixed this to get you back on track.
  • You and your consumers want to search for homes in more than one area. That’s reasonable. But sometimes, when you searched zip codes that spanned more than one metro, you would receive an error message. We’ve made some changes so you can search in multiple zip codes, as long as you stay within your company’s search area.
  • (Android-only) Fixed on January 25. When you tried to send emails from your mobile device, the emails would fail. We quickly resolved this last January.
  • (iOS-only) Fixed on February 11. Some agents were experiencing empty dashboard and contact pages. We’ve addressed this.
  • Fixed on February 8. We experienced some temporary issues with bulk email and bulk export and apologize for the inconvenience. Bulk actions should be up and running now!
  • (iOS-only) When you tried launching a team website from the mobile app, it wouldn’t appear. We’ve fixed this.
  • (iOS-only) Some email and call scripts were not uploading to your device. We’ve fixed this, too.


  • (Android-only) Rather than selecting an email script from the Script Library, now you can search for a script by typing into the subject line.
  • We’ve introduced sorting for last login on mobile devices.
  • New listing? Now, you can share new listing info with your consumers using a mobile URL
Samir Soriano June 10, 2019