Product Updates: April 2019


Bug fixes

  • We’ve fixed the Contact Profile so you can update and save email addresses and phone numbers for contacts.
  • The filter for Hot leads under Follow-up Plans went missing, but we’ve since brought it back. Filter for your Hot leads when searching for Follow-up Plans.
  • Clear out the clutter. We’ve fixed the “Already done” button so you can mark your reminders as complete.
  • We’ve updated links for tool tips within Zap to direct you to the most updated articles.
  • Custom pages weren’t listed properly for some agents, but we’ve fixed this.
  • When you sent a bulk email, some of your contacts were listed as having opted out, even when they had no email address on file. We’ve added a tooltip to clarify that we’ll display both contacts who have opted out and those who’ve never registered an email.
  • We’ve fixed the custom tag filter. Before, when you tried filtering your contacts by custom tag, say “Open House,” the search would return contacts who didn’t apply. This won’t happen anymore.
  • When some of your clients tried to click onto a review link, they received an error message. They’ll be able to leave a review now.
  • When you tried creating a script, certain characters, such as the apostrophe or dash, would save as an upside-down question mark. We’ve fixed this.
  • After you’ve logged a call or sent an email, we’ll usually ask whether you’d like to “Add a Reminder.” Every now and then, you’d see a blank page instead. We’ve fixed this, too.
  • Admins, when you tried to view your admin-level contacts, your contacts would fail to load. They will now.


  • Bulk actions may take a few seconds or a few hours to process. We’ve improved the speed for the bulk action, Share Mobile App.
  • Bulk actions may take a few seconds or a few hours to process. From here on, we’ll notify you once we’ve completed the following actions:
    • Email
    • Status
    • Share website
    • Share mobile app
    • Delete
    • Follow-up Plan
  • We’ve also improved the speed for Bulk Email, Change Status, and Share Website. Hope this helps!
Gloria Choi June 10, 2019