November Zap Updates

Now we match! 

We fixed a bug in the mobile app where listings were not showing correctly between desktop and mobile. 


ProScore Update

We are getting close to a resolution to fix ProScore. We know that this is a very valuable tool and we’ve got a whole team of engineers working on a fix. Our goal is to have a solution in place by the end of November. Once the fix is in place, we will post an article in the community with additional information. 


Projects Completed by End 2019

As the end of the year approaches we are working on several big projects that we plan to finish as 2019 comes to a close. This includes the full ADA update that we’ve been working on across all Zap sites, making website pages mobile-web friendly (no more zooming in to click a button or scrolling right and then left to read content), and updating our Google Compliance for the Gmail integration.


Single Sign-On Update

We are in the final stages of wrapping up SSO for all users. All brands will be on SSO by mid-December. This login change allows users to seamlessly login to Zap without having to re-enter their login information over and over again. 


MLS Internalization Update

We’ve got 322 MLSs internalized! We’re more than halfway done. Having these MLSs internalized means listings will appear faster and will be updated a lot quicker.  

Christina Kwan posted this article on November , 27 , 2019