New Listing Alerts

What are New Listing Alerts?


New Listing Alerts are emails sent on your behalf to your customers to let them know about new listings that match their search criteria.  The email prompts them to click back to your website to learn more about the property, request a visit with you or ask you a question. They can also just respond to the email—easy access to you!


New Listing Alerts are by far the most opened, and read automated drip marketing emails that you can send to your customers. And, your name, face and contact info is on every email. This powerful tool keeps you connected to your customers throughout their search.




How are New Listing Alerts created?


Self-serve:  When people visit your website, and save a search, they can sign themselves up to receive New Listing Alerts.  Those alerts will start up right away; you don’t have to do a thing.


Automated:  If they don’t save a search, your website can see what they’re interested in, and set them up for a modified version of New Listing Alerts (fewer emails), prompting them to come back to your website to save a search that matches their needs.


Agent created: If you know what someone is searching for, you can set them up to receive New Listing Alerts too. 


Follow these steps:

1. Find your customer using Search

2. Click on their name to go to the Contact Profile

3. Click on More at the top of the screen and then the Sign in as Contact link to go to your customer’s web account.

4. Search for properties using the search criteria they have given you.

5. Click the Recommend Search button at the top of the screen. You’re done!


How can I CC additional people (or email addresses) on New Listing Alerts?

You can CC an additional person or email address on New Listing Alerts, keeping multiple people in the loop about new homes on the market. To do so, you'll need to make sure the additional person's email address is added as a secondary email address on the original account.

Follow these steps:
1. Find your customer using Search.
2. Click on their name to go to the Contact Profile.
3. Click on the pencil icon next to Contact Info”.
4. Click on + Add more contact info”, then select Email (Other)” from the dropdown.
5. Type in the additional email address and click Save”. 
6. Scroll down to the New Listing Alerts” module under Campaigns”.
7. Click on the pencil icon under CC Another Email Address”. Check off all the email addresses you would like to CC, then click Save”.
8. Check to make sure the email addresses you selected are under CC Another Email Address”. 


Can I receive a copy of the New Listing Alerts my clients are getting?


Want to stay informed about all the properties being sent to your clients' inboxes? You can Bcc yourself on any New Listing Alerts sent to any of your Contacts. Here's how:


1. Find a Contact who has New Listing Alerts turned on. (You can go to Contacts, click on Filters, and then click the filter for New Listing Alerts and select "On".) Click on their name to go to their Contact Profile.

2. Once you're on the Contact Profile, scroll down to "New Listing Alerts" under "Campaigns".

3. Locate the checkbox labeled "BCC" with your email address and click the box to turn Bcc on for this specific Contact.


The system will BCC your primary email address as it's listed in Zap. You'll need to turn this toggle on individually for each Contact whose New Listing Alerts you want to receive. 



When are New Listing Alerts sent?


Because your website has a direct connection to the MLS, new listings are added to your website between 2 and 12 times per day. New Listing Alerts are automatically sent for you to your customers twice a day.



Naming New Listing Alerts


Automated and agent created New Listing Alerts are auto-named based on the customer's search criteria.  An example is: San Francisco, 2+ beds, $275k-350k. 


The automatic names are designed to be clear enough to help the customer understand why they're receiving the email, and to avoid them marking emails as spam. However, you can also customize the name of a search you're recommending. 


A customer can go in and edit the search name at any time. When a customer is setting up and saving a search, s/he is prompted to name the search.


Can leads that come in from another site receive New Listing Alerts?

Leads that come in from a third-party website, like Zillow or Hot Pads, can still receive New Listing Alerts. If your third-party leads don't save a search, Zap will take the ZIP code of their search and send them New Listing Alerts populated with properties on your Zap site. This only applies to leads who came in through a non-Zap site after April 11th, 2018. 


How can I turn off New Listing Alerts?

If you've got a client who wants to stop receiving New Listing Alerts, you can turn off email alerts for them. 


Here's how:


1. Find your customer in Zap using the search bar, and click on their name to go to their Contact Profile.

2. Click on Campaigns and go to New Listing Alerts or Auto New Listing Alerts. 

3. Look for the toggle labeled "Activate" and switch the toggle to off (grey).






Why can't I set up New Listing Alerts for my Contact?


  • Are you the Primary Agent for your Contact? Try searching for your Contact, clicking on their Contact Profile, and then checking their Account Info section. Look for "Agent Type." You'll either see the label "Primary Agent" or "Secondary Agent." If you're listed as the Secondary Agent, this means that someone else in your company has added this Contact, so you won't have the ability to access their account or recommend searches. Learn more about becoming a customer's Primary Agent in our Knowledge Base article.
  • Has your Contact opted out of bulk email? When you're signed in as your Contact, look for a banner at the very top of your screen. If you see a red message that says your client has opted out of bulk email, you won't be able to sign that customer up for any automated email alerts on your website, such as New Listing Alerts or Watched Home Updates.
Marissa Azzara October 24, 2018
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Thanks Marissa.

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We are incubating several leads, and they have all been set up on a New Listing alert.  However, they have a Zero Zap Score.


If the client does not accept this invitation by selecting the link: "To view your new custom search, click here ", the connection can't be completed, correct?





Zap Specialist

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Hello Amy, 


That's correct only if the recommended search is not done while signed in as the client. he client will always have the option to view and take action on the search recommendation later. If you sign in as the client, you can recommend searches that will save in either the clients "saved home" or 'saved searches" option which is readily available on the clients site. 


Zap Support, 


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I can't figure out how to search listings and send out specific ones to a client?

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Hello Sheri,

The please review the steps in the article "Recommend a Home/Search for your Customer" where it shows you how to send specific individual homes to customers.