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Local Insights are short posts you can write describing a city or neighborhood to customers on your website. They’re a great way to showcase your local expertise. And they’re easy to post in Zap!



How to post Local Insights from your Dashboard


You can add Local Insights for any city or neighborhood within your website’s coverage area, straight from your Dashboard.


  1. Click + Add in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click New Agent Insights from the menu.
  3. Select New Local Insights from the options provided.
  4. You’ll see a screen titled “Add Local Insights” with a search bar on the top left. Start typing the name of the city or neighborhood into that bar. You should see the neighborhood appear in the list below. Once you do, just click the name to select it.
  5. Review the tips section on the left side of your screen. Now, you’re ready to start creating some content!
  6. Enter a brief headline (up to 50 characters) in the headline field. (A tip: you can always fill out this field after you’ve written your main comments if that helps you summarize your thoughts.)
  7. Share your insights about the city or neighborhood in the comments section. Unsure about what to write? Check out our tips below!
  8. You’ll see an optional tags section beneath the comments section. If you’d like, you can enter up to 5 tags that describe the area, separating each tag with a comma. These won’t be displayed to consumers on the website, but Zap will use them to organize your content.  



How to post Local Insights from the “My Website” page


You can also add and manage Local Insights from your My Website page in Zap.


  1. Click on your name or photo in the top navigation bar, and select My Website from the menu.
  2. Once you’re on the page, you’ll see a row of navigation options beneath your cover photo. Click on the second option in the list: Agent Insights.
  3. Select Local Insights from the options provided.
  4. You’ll see a blue button labeled + Add Local Insights.
  5. Follow steps 4 through 8 above!


What your customer sees


Your Local Insights will be displayed on the search results pages for that particular city or neighborhood on both your website and your company’s website. This will give customers a look at what you have to say about the area as soon as they execute their search – and potentially encourage them to get in touch with you. This placement is great for getting customers engaged early in their home search process.


If a customer on your company website is not assigned to an agent yet, they’ll see recently posted Local Insights and links to any agent who has posted them. If they find what you’ve written helpful, they can mark your Insights as helpful, and they’ll also be able to easily click through to your website and get in touch with you.


If a customer is on your website, they’ll see your Local Insights with a link to your home page, and they may also see Local Insights written by other agents. However, if they’re assigned to you or they’ve come in via your referral link, we’ll keep the other agent’s full name, photo, and website links hidden to preserve your existing relationship with the customer.


On your website’s home page, customers will see the 2 most recent Local Insights you’ve posted in your Local Insights module, along with a link to view all of your Local Insights. This is a great place to showcase your local expertise to customers!


local insights.jpg



How to edit or remove Local Insights


You’ll be able to access all of the Local Insights you’ve written in the past via your “My Website” page. From there, you can review what you’ve posted, make edits, and delete Local Insights if you’d like.


  1. Click on your name or photo in the top navigation bar, and select My Website from the menu.
  2. Once you’re on the page, you’ll see a row of navigation options beneath your cover photo. Click on Agent Insights.
  3. Select Local Insights from the options provided.
  4. Find the post you’d like to edit or delete in the list and click View Details. If you don’t see it immediately, clickView All Local Insights at the bottom of the list, and search for it by the name of the city or neighborhood.
  5. If you’d like to edit your Local Insights for that particular area, go ahead and make changes to the headline, comments, tags, or all three. Click Save when you’re done. You’re all set!
  6. If you’d like to delete your Local Insights for that area, click Delete Insights in the bottom left, and click Deleteagain when you’re asked to confirm.


Tips for writing effective Local Insights


  • Give a balanced description of the neighborhood or city – customers don’t necessarily need you to “sell” the area to them, but they do want information that can help them decide whether the area sounds like somewhere they’d like to live.
  • At the same time, be careful not to write content that inappropriately steers buyers or violates the Fair Housing Act.
  • Be specific! Your Local Insights will be most useful when you share what you know from visiting the area in person, talking to past clients who live there, and experiencing the scene for yourself.
  • Double-check your spelling and grammar. First impressions count!
  • You’re unique – so make sure your Local Insights are, too! Use your own words and let your personality shine through.
  • Mix it up – write Local Insights for both cities and neighborhoods so customers can get a variety of information.
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Nice piece of information!

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Good afternoon. My local insights are not appearing on my website.  Help!

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Are we able to add photos to Local Insights?

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I have been trying to input a new insight on a town I was in today while showing property. I have been going round and round inputting and it won't "save". UGH! Also, I am able to access the properties on my MLS yet, I am unable to give specific insights on the properties I viewed. Why?