Listing Activity Reports

by Bria Hunter Senior Product Content Strategist April

Keep sellers in the loop about their listing’s online performance with Listing Activity Report emails. These weekly emails include stats about how often consumers on your website and app have viewed, saved, or requested visits for a client’s home. They’re a great way to engage your active sellers—and you can opt to send them in just a few steps.



What’s in a Listing Activity Report email?

Each email contains the number of times consumers have viewed, saved, or requested a showing for the client’s home on an all time basis and over the course of the week. They’ll also see a photo of their listing and a link to view it as it appears to potential home buyers on the consumer site. 


How do I start sending Listing Activity Report emails to my clients?

You can opt in to send individual clients Listing Activity Report. To do so:


  1. First, make sure your Zap account is linked to your MLS membership. We’ve got a Knowledge Base article to walk you through linking your MLS if you need it.
  2. Go to the Contact’s Profile by clicking on their name or searching for them in the top navigation bar. 
  3. Once you’re on the Contact Profile, click on “Business” and scroll down to click on “+Add a Listing”.listingacti1.png
  4. Search for the listing using the search bar and click “Select” on the appropriate listing.listingact2.png
  5. Once you see the green success message at the top of the screen, refresh the page and click on “Campaigns”. 
  6. Within the Campaigns section, you should see “Listing Activity”. Confirm that the property listed there is correct, and then switch the “Activate” toggle to green to start sending the email.listingact3.png



Bria Hunter April 9, 2018
by Aileen Wanttaja Seasoned Sightseer

Thanks for such great information.

by Jesse Davis Insightful Sightseer

My client is set up to get new listing. But I never see the one she gets until she tells me. How do I set a getting a copy of what we are sending her?

by Jesse Davis Insightful Sightseer

Please email me at

by Patrick Johnson Skilled Explorer

Is there possibly and example of what the email to the consumer looks like?  This would be a great tool to be able to accompany the golden ruler.

by Community Manager

Hello Patrick, 


Give me a few to get that information for you. I currently do not have access to right now but will early next week as the person in charge of that information is out of office. Appreciate your patience and hope you have a great weekend. 


Zap Support, 


by Felicia Latson Insightful Sightseer
2 weeks ago

This sounds like a tool I would use.  I'm with Patrick,  I would like to see a sample of what the seller sees.

by Patrick Johnson Skilled Explorer
2 weeks ago

Hi Obi,


Any updates on this.  I know our agetns would be excited to see this if possible?  I've activated it on one of my listngs so am anxious see some results.

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