Direct traffic to your website

If you’re interested in building your presence in search engine results, you should take every opportunity to drive traffic to your Zap agent website. Even if you already have an agent website with SEO tactics in place, linking it to your Zap website is a great way to ramp up your overall SEO.


When it comes to optimizing your website to grow your traffic, Zap does a ton of the work for you. Everything in Zap from our overall site architecture to our URLs is set up to maximize SEO. And every effort you make to drive traffic to your Zap site is met with equal effort on Zap’s part to increase conversion.


Whether you’re just beginning to redirect traffic to your Zap site or you want to completely switch to Zap, we’ve got suggestions to help you get the kind of organic traffic your business needs.


Use your referral links to send people to your website and apps

You definitely want to be able to send people to your website, and get the links to download your app.  You've got a few options:

1) Add them to Zap, then send them a welcome email to get them on your site and apps. By adding them to Zap you'll be able to create a website account for them.  From there, it's much easier to get them actively browsing around.  Not only can you send them a welcome email, you can also text them a link to download your app, and set them up on New Listing Alerts.

2) Want to market to people you don't know?  You can post your referral links on Facebook, in your email signature, or anywhere else that makes sense.  You can find links to your website and apps on the My Website page in Zap.


Share links to your site on social media


If you're using Facebook or other social channels to market yourself, you can direct customers to your Zap website. You can send them to your homepage, using your lead generation URL (found on the My Website page) or using your vanity URL (if it redirects to the Zap website).


You can link to any other page on your website (including property listings you want to highlight) by creating a shareable link to the page. Here's how:


1. Find a property or search results page you want to share and copy the URL.
2. Click +Add in the top navigation bar in Zap and select "New Shareable Link".
3. Paste the URL into the field provided and press "Get Link". The URL will be copied.
4. Paste your new shareable link to wherever you'd like.


You can also create a shareable link when you are signed in as one of your Contacts.


1. Click your Contact’s name anywhere in Zap to go to their Contact Profile.
2. Click on the “More” button toward the top of the page and select “Sign in as Contact” from the menu.
3. Find a property or search results page you want to share and copy the URL.
4. Click the "Share Link" button in the upper right corner of the screen.
5. Paste the URL into the field provided and press "Get Link". The URL will be copied. Now paste away!


Direct traffic to your Zap site from an alternative site


If you’re already using an existing agent website and you’re not ready to abandon it quite yet, you can drive even more traffic and get valuable insight on your customers by linking to your Zap website for search.


You can use a 301 redirect from the search page on your existing site to your Zap site. 301 redirects allow you to permanently redirect traffic from key pages on your current site to corresponding pages on Zap. Your search page is a great place to start: you can get the immediate benefit of gaining comprehensive insight on your customers through the ZapScore and the Contact Profile.


By redirecting customers to your Zap site for search, you’ll also be able to establish your Zap site with search engines and get your customers more familiar with the platform. 

Marissa Azzara November 26, 2018