Customizing your "Buy/Sell a Home" pages

Both agents and companies can customize the informational pages about buying and selling a home located in the top navigation of their websites! Find out how below. 
Agents: To customize your Buy a Home” or Sell a Home” page, click on your name or photo in the top navigation panel in Zap, select "My Website", and click on Buy a Home” or Sell a Home” under Content.
Brokers: To customize your Buy a Home” or Sell a Home” page, go to Manage in the left navigation panel, click on Configurations, and click on the appropriate tab (“Buy a Home” or Sell a Home”) under Content.

Opting in to customization

You’ll need to toggle on customization using the toggle labeled Customize Page”. Please note: if you do choose to customize the page, you’ll need to add some content—otherwise, your page will display your brand’s default content.

Banner Image

You can choose to display a custom banner image on your page. Click the toggle to display an image.
  1. Click Change banner image” to upload a photo.
  2. Choose a large photo that is at least 1920 x 1080 pixels, under 2 MB. Make sure to select either a .jpg or .png. 
  3. Crop the photo to your liking, and click Agree & Upload”.

Banner Text

Customize the text that will appear across your banner image by clicking the pencil icon next to Banner Text”. 

Content Module

The content module is meant to be flexible—a place to share any relevant information about buying or selling a home. Try write something that conveys your unique offering as a real estate service provider, and use your own voice! You can edit both the heading and body content by clicking the pencil icon.

Blog Module

The blog module will display your 3 most recent posts that you have categorized as related to Buying a Home” or Selling a Home”. You can learn more about blogging and categorizing posts in our Knowledge Base article. You can also customize the heading that will appear above your featured blog posts. If you don’t want to display blog posts, leave the toggle labeled Display to Consumers” off.
Bria Hunter March 1, 2018
Friendly Explorer

Hi, this is a great feature but when I turned this on for 'Buy a Home' it doesn't show up on my Zap site. Please assist. Also, the page is not mobile-friendly.

Please see my detailed post on some related issues here:
*Video displaying the issue in the post.
**Note they only currently display content for WebKit Browsers like Chrome and Opera on the public side.

Which Internet Browser are you currently using? Did you toggle on the "Customize Page" option to green/on? There is at least one other post directly related to this specific toggle/issue.

Your content shows for me in Chrome 67 on Windows 7 here:
*Had to append the /buying-a-house part since it doesn't link in your header menus via:

Hopefully the Zap team will patch KB article comments soon too. The Zap team seems to have me on ignore for some other important threads...

Community Manager

Hello All,


Thank you for reaching out. This issue has been escalated for a solution. We will follow up with our product team for an update.




We apologize if some of your post have been overlooked. Please let me know how we can assist with the threads mentioned in your post?


Thank you!

Thanks Eddie.

Here are two of the threads that could use team follow-up:

Paul's and Desiree's posts:

My follow-up post after yours:

- - -

On a side note, are the KB articles supposed to allow for comments? I emailed Alicia, Marissa and CC'd Avani directly on this topic on July 12, 2018 at 11:07am PT.
Subject: Zap Community - KB article Comments

- - - Brief snippet from the email - - -
Way to find more via a search:
- - -

Thanks again.

Will the "Buy/Sell a Home" pages be available for Firefox in the near future?


Thank you.

New Sightseer


I have followed all the steps to a T... and yet my customized Buying a Home page is still defaulting to the general page of information.


I also don't see on the left menu in Manage- anything called configurations.  


I have submitted this via a phone call to support but just wanted to share that I too seem to be having this issue.


Also I have a general question as to when or if Instagram will be a social media option to connect to.  Thanks in advance!