Zap Specialist Classes

Zap Specialist Champion Program

This coaching program helps Zap Specialists drive engagement of the Zap platform, with the following goals:

  • Learn how to create and execute against a written Zap Engagement Plan
  • Develop a better understanding of the Zap platform, from both an agent and managerial perspective
  • Stay connected through monthly alumni check-in calls

To join

  • Attend 9 weekly 60-minute group calls (join on computer via WebEx)
  • Commit to weekly challenges, including training for your agents

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Zap Specialist Update & Best Practices

This 1-hour webinar is new each month and keeps you up-to-date on the latest Zap enhancements.  Includes live demonstrations as well as tactics to assist you in engaging your agents on Zap.  Also featuring a new Zap Specialist each month sharing their unique successes with Zap engagement.

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Vivien Wang January 3, 2019