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Zap Training Classes


Agent Essentials

A live interactive 2.5-hour session designed to familiarize agents with Zap, including how to set up Zap and your Agent Website, how to add Contacts, update Broker Leads and set up listing alerts.


Get Zapped! for Agents

A weekly interactive series designed to help agents build their business using Zap through hands-on exercises. 


Get Zapped! for Managers

A weekly interactive series designed to further increase Zap platform knowledge for brokers, managers, Zap Specialists and administrative staff through hands-on learning. 


Zap Specialist Classes


Zap Specialist Champion Program

This coaching program helps Zap Specialists drive engagement of the Zap platform, with the following goals:

  • Learn how to create and execute against a written Zap Engagement Plan
  • Develop a better understanding of the Zap platform, from both an agent and managerial perspective
  • Stay connected through monthly alumni check-in calls

To join

  • Attend 9 weekly 60-minute group calls (join on computer via WebEx)
  • Commit to weekly challenges, including training for your agents

For more information on the next Champion cohort, contact: Debi.Williams@realogy.com


Zap Specialist October Update

This 45-minute webinar is offered monthly and keeps you up-to-date on the latest Zap enhancements. The session includes live demonstrations as well as tactics to assist you in engaging your agents with Zap. 


Getting Started as a Zap Specialist 

This 45-minute webinar is offered monthly and assists you in understanding the importance of your role as Zap Specialist in driving Zap Engagement. With live demonstrations, this session reviews the resources that you will utilize and ensures that you are set up to easily access all Zap connected systems with no issues.


Zap Specialist Best Practices

This 45-minute webinar features a Zap Specialist discussing their unique successes in engaging their agents on Zap. Also included is training on how to deliver the newest release of the “Success with Zap” training series. 


Christine Nedilsky October 1, 2018
by JoeSue Wang Budding Explorer



I found this registeration is not friendly. I want to cancel one class that I registered but I can't find a place to un-register. Not from the original class registered confirmation email or through this webisite. Hope someone can improve this setting. Thanks.


Joe Sue