Success with Zap


The Success with Zap series offers training material that can be used by Zap Specialists and managers at company sales meetings or events.

Success with Zap training materials 

 Train the Trainer Recordings


Zappy Hour Recordings

The Zappy Hour series shares the value of using many Zap tools to help increase agent business.  From Agent Insights to ZapScore rankings, watch these by yourself, in a group, or with your entire office and Happy Zapping!


1. Zappy Hour: Discovering the Dollars Recording

2. Zappy Hour:  Bolder Blogging Recording

3. Zappy Hour:  Hacking Data Recording

4. Zappy Hour:  Unlocking the Secrets Recording

5. Zappy Hour:  Service that Sticks Recording

6. Zappy Hour:  Land the Listing Recording

7. Zappy Hour:  Follow-up Plans Part 1 Recording

8. Zappy Hour:  Agent Insights Recording

9. Zappy Hour:  Using New Listing Alerts Recording

10.Zappy Hour:  Prospecting for Clients Recording

11.Zappy Hour:  Using ZapScore Recording

12.Zappy Hour:  Using Zap Mobile Recording

13.Zappy Hour:  Follow-up Plans 2 Recording

14.Zappy Hour:  Hit the Ground Running Recording

15.Zappy Hour:  Be a Hero By Leveraging Zap Recording

16.Zappy Hour:  Get Ready for the Selling Season Recording

17.Zappy Hour:  Your Consumer Mobile App Recording

18.Zappy Hour:  Converting Contacts into Clients Recording

19.Zappy Hour:  Use the Contact Profile to Track & Transact Recording

20.Zappy Hour:  Driving Traffic to Your Website Recording

21.Zappy Hour:  Essential Zap Set-Up Recording


Training Material by Topic

Zap Basics:                                                                 The  Mobile App:

Essential Set-up                                                        Your Consumer Mobile App

Hit the Ground Running                                          Using Zap Mobile to Help Run Your Business

Busting the Myths of Zap

Be a Hero by Leveraging Zap


Enhance Your Online Presence:                              Prospect and Build Relationships:

Optimizing your Online Presence                           Converting Contacts into Clients

Agent Insights                                                             Prospecting for Clients

Bolder Blogging                                                          Using ZapScore to Build Relationships

                                                                                      Listing Alerts and Watched Home Updates

                                                                                      Service that Sticks: Becoming a Referral Magnet



Seller Tools:                                                                Using Zap as Your Database:

Land the Listing with Zap Seller Tools                   Discovering the Dollars in Your Database

Get Ready for Selling Season                                  Hacking Data to Grow your Business

                                                                                     Unlocking the Secrets in Zap



Zap Training for Leadership:

Get to Yes with Recruits! Zap as a Value Proposition

Create a Stellar Zap Engagement Plan Using Gamification

Christine Nedilsky May 12, 2020