Navigating the mobile CRM app




When you sign into Zap, the first page you’ll see will be your Dashboard. Your Dashboard is divided into five sections: Requests, New Leads, Meetings, Reminders, and Updates Due. Access a high-level overview of your tasks at the top of your Dashboard or scroll through for details.  


View or update Dashboard tasks

Once you’ve received a new request, the sections Requests, New Leads, Meetings, Reminders, and Updates Due will populate with task items.


Tap one of these items to view its details. Then, clear or update your task status from the bottom navigation bar. The mobile Dashboard mirrors the desktop experience, so you can check out Navigating the Dashboard to learn more about each of the five task sections.


See all your tasks

Zap displays up to three recent tasks for each section in the Dashboard. If a section contains more than three tasks, you can select See All on the right of the section label. Filter or search for specific requests or meetings using the top navigation.


Check new notifications

Find your incoming requests from the bell icon in the top navigation. Your new notifications will be indicated by a red alert.


Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 10.31.03 AM.png


Once you’re in, tap on a request to view its details.



Filter or search for your contacts from the top navigation bar. Tap on a contact to review their info or get in touch.


To add or import contacts, tap the plus on the bottom right hand corner.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 10.31.17 AM.png


Under Business, you’ll find your requests, meetings, reminders, and listings. Filter or search from the top navigation bar. Then tap on a card to view more details.


To add a new card, tap the plus on the bottom right hand corner. Add a new showing, reminder, consultation, listing appointment, or any other meeting.



From Accounts, access your agent website or connect with us at Zap. You can also use this page to manage your settings or sign out.


The plus on the bottom right hand corner lets you add a new Agent Insight.

Marissa Azzara August 22, 2018
Advanced Explorer

This little video is great but it needs to be edited to show the new (and awesome!) dashboard. Thanks!

Friendly Explorer

When will you have this where it actually works with an Android phone....please    

Community Manager

Hello Ramona, 


The Zap mobile app has been updated since this video was posted. We will be updating the video soon. In the mean time if they are specific ask you have regarding the mobile app, please let me know. Also, verify that you are on the latest version of the app(iOS/android: 4.11.4) and which mobile device you use (iOS/Android). 


Zap Support,