Working your USAA leads

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ZapLabs has partnered with Cartus and USAA to design a search experience tailored for USAA members. This allows USAA members to enroll in the Real Estate Rewards Network (RERN) or get connected to an agent, all within a centralized, co-branded experience.


As an A Team agent, you will need tools to support your USAA leads. Through Zap, you’ll be able to filter your USAA leads and provide relevant communications.


Filter your USAA leads


A USAA tag will be applied to all USAA members in Zap. Filter by USAA to quickly follow-up with a lead or send out a bulk email:


  1. Access Contacts from the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on the Filters dropdown, located to the right of the search bar, and click on See More Filters.  
  3. Find the Lead Source dropdown and select USAA.


Customize your USAA communications


Zap includes USAA-specific content for your leads. Use this content to keep your communications relevant.


Send a customized email script

  1. From your contact’s profile, click on Send an Email.
  2. Click Select a Script from the Contact Summary.
  3. Locate USAA scripts.
    • Search for USAA in the search bar.
    • Filter by Client Interest and select USAA.
  4. Select the script you’d like to use.


Assign your lead to a Follow-up plan

  1. Click Manage in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click Follow-up Plan Library. This will take you to a database of follow-up plans that you may choose from.
  3. Locate USAA follow-up plans.
    • Search for USAA in the search bar.
    • Filter by Client Interest and select USAA.



  4. Select the plan you’d like to assign.
Gloria Choi October 1, 2018