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Agent Mortgage Help Line



Help line team is comprised of USAA loan officers who can provide mortgage loan applications updates and address general questions and assist on issues.


Hours of operation:

Monday – Friday   8am to 8pm (local time)

Saturday – Sunday   9am to 5:30pm (local time)


Important details:

  • For use when you have a mortgage loan question on behalf of a member.
  • The Agent Help Desk number should only be used by agents who are representing our members enrolled in the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network.
  • Important: Please do not advertise this phone number to members.
  • Agents must have the following information available at time of call:
    • Member name
    • USAA Member #


When you have a mortgage loan question on behalf of member

USAA Mortgage Questions


Step 1: Call the USAA Loan Officer (LO) / Loan Officer Assistant (LOA) or Processor

Direct phone numbers will be provided to you by LO/LOA and/or Processor

Step 2: If the USAA loan officer or Processor is not available, then please call the Real Estate Agent Helpline (For real estate agent use only)

866-998-2234; When calling the helpline, please have the member’s loan number available.  As an alternative, the member’s name and member number can be used to look up the file.

Again – Always call your LO or Processor First!


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