A sneak peek- the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network Experience!


USAA members who are looking for real estate have a lot to look forward to this fall—and you’re a big part of that.    

On September 18th, USAA members are getting access to a co-branded real estate experience integrated with Zap through Cartus. 

Watch this video to get a sneak peek at some of the features you can look forward to offering:  

 ZAP video.png


Easily filter your USAA leads
Find your USAA leads in Zap with a unique, searchable USAA tag

A co-branded real estate search experience
Your website is co-branded, so members know they can put their trust in you, your brand, and USAA.   

Real-time communication with USAA members
You’ll get a notification whenever a USAA member requests a showing or information on a property.   

Specialized marketing campaigns
Build better connections with USAA members with email templates and custom USAA Real Estate Reward Network marketing campaigns. 

Get ready to offer these leads the excellent service you’re known for! Make sure you have completed your USAA Agent Zap training and then sign in to Zap, get familiar with your Follow-up Plans, and keep your current leads up to date so that you’re ready on September 18th!


Cindy King September 13, 2018