Account Settings

On your Account Settings page, you can review your email settings, your MLS memberships, and your website’s coverage area.


Email Settings

View your email addresses for sending and forwarding, and adjust your email signature here.


Email Addresses


In this section, you’ll see two email addresses. The first is the address that emails you send in Zap will be sent from. Zap creates this email address for you in order to allow you to store a record of your email communications.


This email address is created using your dash vanity email address prefix (the content before the @ symbol) and the domain for your brand.  For example, in the email address, john.smith is coming from your vanity email address and is your brand’s domain. If your vanity email changes in dash, the prefix of this email address will be updated in Zap through a nightly process.


The second email address listed here is the email address that any replies from your Contacts will be sent to. This is an existing email account where you will be able to find and respond to emails from your Contacts.


This email address is your "Business Email Address" in dash. If you’d like to change this email address, you can ask your broker to update the email address in dash, and it will update Zap through a nightly process.


Email Signature


You can edit your email signature for emails sent through the Zap Contact Summary using your desktop computer or tablet.


If you already have a signature filled in, you can modify the text and use the formatting tools at the top of the entry field to change the way the text displays.


If you’re having trouble getting your signature to display correctly, click the Microsoft Word icon to copy and paste the text from Word. Once you click “Insert,” this should remove all excess formatting.


If you’d like to include a hyperlink, highlight the text you’d like to link, click the link icon at the top of the entry field, and paste the URL you’d like to link your Contacts to.


Once you’re done editing your email signature, click Save.


Tips for your Email Signature


  • Keep it short. You don't need to tell your life story in your signature.
  • Keep it professional. Color and font size variations should be kept to a minimum.


MLS Memberships


Zap links your MLS memberships to your account so that you can be marketed on all of your active listings on your company website, and so we can feature your listings on your agent website’s homepage. Zap identifies MLS memberships for you, links them to your account, and displays them on the Account Settings page under MLS Memberships.


However, we are only able to match you with an MLS if you have an active listing, so if you are a member without an active listing, your membership won’t display on the page until you have an active listing.


If you have active listings, check to confirm that Zap has matched you with the correct MLS memberships, and that all of your MLS memberships are listed. To do so, or to add any MLS memberships that Zap hasn't matched you with, follow these steps: 


  1. Click on your name from the top navigation menu, then click Account Settings.
  2. Click MLS Memberships from the bar at the top of your screen.
  3. Review the list in this section and confirm that the name of the MLS, your MLS agent ID, and your name are correct for each MLS.
  4. If any MLS membership on the list is incorrectly matched with your account, you can click the trash icon to delete it. If you're a member of an MLS that you don't see on the list, you can add it using the fields at the bottom of the section.
  5. If you need to add an MLS membership to the list, locate your MLS from the drop down menu. Note that you may see only one MLS on the list, depending on the number of MLS’s your company is associated with.
  6. Enter your name and select yourself from the search results.
  7. Click +Add.
  8. Repeat for any additional MLS's you belong to.

Please note: if you don't currently have any active listings, you won't be able to add your MLS membership. This won’t affect any of the functionality on your agent website. Consumers will still be able to search all active listings that your company has MLS memberships in. Once you have an active listing, you will be able to add your MLS information to Zap.


Lead ZIP Codes


Find out where you can receive new leads on the Account Settings page under Lead ZIP Codes.


Your lead ZIP codes are all of the ZIP codes where you can receive new leads that come in through your company’s website or app.


Each ZIP code will be listed within a market – a geographically organized collection of ZIP codes grouped together by Zap. To the right of the name of the market, you’ll see how many ZIP codes you’re assigned to receive leads in. You can click the plus button to expand the market and see all of the ZIP codes that exist within that market according to Zap’s data. Your assigned ZIP codes will be listed on the page.


If you see any unassigned ZIP codes that you’d like to receive leads in, you can make a note of those ZIP codes and ask your broker to add them for you in LeadRouter. If there is an assigned ZIP code you’d like to stop receiving leads in, you can ask your broker to remove it for you in LeadRouter.


If you see a status tag to the far right of a market that reads “Off” or “Company Off,” this means you will not be able to receive leads in that market. If the status is “Off,” that particular market is turned off for you, and your broker can turn it on for you via your Personnel Profile in Zap. If the status is “Company Off,” that means that the market is turned off for your entire company.


Service Markets


Find out which geographic areas your customers will see you marketed as their local agent in on your Account Settings page under Service Markets.


Your service markets are all of the markets in which your customers can search on your website and continue to see you as their local agent. Whenever your customers are searching within any of the service markets you have turned on, their requests will come through to you and their activity data will be visible in your CRM.


Check out the list of markets on the page, and click to expand a market and see all of the ZIP codes within it.


Check the status tag to the right of a market to see whether that market is turned on as one of your service markets. If a market has a status of “Off” and you’d like to include it as one of your service markets, you can ask your broker to turn it on for you via your Personnel Profile in Zap.


If the status is “Company Off,” this means that the market is turned off for your entire company. 


Manage your MLS memberships so that you'll be marketed on all of your listings on your Zap website.



Marissa Azzara December 20, 2018