Known issues

Issue Who's Affected Status
Sold Homes missing for some Agents Agents Investigating
Marissa Azzara September 2, 2021
Mercedes Perez
Community Manager

Hi Noel,

The bell notification icon issue is currently a bug we are working on getting resolved. Please stay tune for the announcement on when this will be resovled

Jimmy Burris
Advanced Adventurer

Cannot add a contact either through the App or desktop.

Megan Schendel
Budding Explorer

Currently cannot sign in as a contact to save and send recommended homes. Its says theres a gateway error. Also, the mobile app will not show a change in status. All homes are showing active, while most are pending or contingent. 

Friendly Explorer

My leads from are not forwarding despite having used the forwarding email.

Paul Kellman
Community Manager

Hi Noel, and thanks for posting here on the Zap Community. This is actually a known issue within Zap at this time. However it has already been escalated to the Zap Development Team and is currently under review. I will append your name and information to that escalation.



Bill Zeltman
Insightful Sightseer

I have several agents having an issue when they add a new contact with only a phone number and not an email address. The message said please add an email or phone number, but a phone number was added. 

Adriene Neal
Skilled Explorer

One of our agents, J.C. Bickford, is having an issue where a lead offer calls his number but the systems does not text or email him even though it is set up correctly to text and email also. I saw that another agent was having a similar issue last week but did not show a resolution in a previous thread called "If it works, it works, but it doesn't". Please advise if this is a known issue pending and/or otherwise assist in helping us get to a resolution. 

Selena Holt
Experienced Explorer

We have a serious issue that is affecting several agents using Zap.  I have agents that use the search filter "saved home".  This allows them to quickly see who has saved homes within a specific time frame.


It doesn't work.  This is the third time I've put someting in about it.


Also, the "home value updates" on my contacts are not pushing out properties.  I set it up for my address, several homes have sold recently and I've received no notification. Had I set it up for a seller I'd look aweful to them because they'd not be getting anything and can walk outside and see a home sold across the street.


Please help asap.

Thank you,

Deanna Fortney
Advanced Explorer

Would like to add an issue. I am trying to update and clean up my contacts. I have tried on several to add phone numbers and I get an error message that I am not authorized to use this code. It will show me code 43. It comes up very fast and reverts back to the screen before my change. I will also get an error message when I try to change my contact from a past buyer or seller into a past client. I have also had some clients show back up after I thought I had cleared them out. It will say it cleared them but then they are still there. I did call and had someone looking into the phone number issue. We tried clearing my cache but that did not work. Please let me know! 


Thank you, 



Experienced Explorer

Are the Known Issues displayed up-to-date? The comments are fro as far back as 08/2018 so I'm wondering if list is current?

Monna Rae Adickes
Insightful Sightseer

How do I correct incorrect information on a transactions, it is showing pending and has been closed for 2 weeks, also the contact information needs corrected as well.  Why are we not able to edit our own listings and sales

Jason Ray
Insightful Sightseer

None of the emails I try to send out through Zap actually go out.  It's doesn't log it in Zap.  Zip.  Nada.  What is the purpose of having this CRM if it constantly doesn't perform as expected?  When you join a company with a name like Century 21, you'd expect their systems and software to actually function.  I'm disappointed, to say the least.  This issue has been going on for well over a month now.  How can someone not come up with a solution to a problem in that amount of time?!

Melinda Quarles
Budding Explorer

My client searched for a home by the map and the listing is in Penrose NC. The map shows it in Candler NC. The address is 60 Midge Lane Penrose NC. 

The map shows the location in of the home is in Candler

Milicent McDonald
Skilled Explorer

Please add a button to agent websites so clients can easily post reviews.


Thanks so much!

Robert Post
New Visitor

Site will not open

Nina Marcussen
Steady Sightseer

Clients keep saving and viewing properties but I do not see what.

Saving a search for a client doesn't work. I don't know how to work with that.

Patrick Johnson
Skilled Explorer

We have several agents in my office including myself in which their zap sites are not showing photos for active listings.  Here is a photo of a sample and the listings are showing like this on the listing alert client emails as well.Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 10.28.47 AM.png

Haley Andersen
Budding Explorer

Can someone please assist me ? I cannot get my information for spouses to save. I try to enter birthday or job title etc. - hit save and then nothing changes. I've spent the last two hours on this issue and it's super frusterating as I'm trying to incorporate Zap as my primary CRM tool.

Steady Sightseer

I have a big one!  Once I enter a contact and save it.  I can't go back in to edit it later to change from buyer or seller to closed or add notes.  I can open any of the fields to edit!  

Jonathan Phillips
Savvy Adventurer

I am running into an issue on Chromium Based Browsers like Chrome and the new version of Edge where any property on will throw an error when you click it for more information.  Just clicking the photo brings the error up.  I've tried this on multiple computers on 2 different networks and am getting the error below.  This has been going on since Friday.



Mark Hancock
Seasoned Sightseer

This is low priority but frustrating. My "Facebook Likes" was finally up to 471 after the last reset. As of yesterday, it got reset to zero again. It would be ideal to avoid resetting it every few months.

Raymond Duncan
Friendly Explorer

I received a new lead and have tried to send a welcome email as well as updating the contact and receive the following message:

We're having trouble sending emails from your Zap-Vanity account right now. Please try again later.


I was wondering if this is a zap issue or am I doing something wrong. 

Julia Gavrilkina
Insightful Sightseer
I was trying to add property insight for 5 properties that I've shown in the last 2 days. None come up with address search or Garden State MLS #. I tried spelling addresses exactly as they appear in MSL, I tried partial address. MLS suggestion are coming up for the first few digits, but as I enter the entire number I get "This address or MLS number does not exist." All properties are still active in GSMLS.
Bill Jerome
Budding Explorer

Zap phone app, will not load client info when selected.