Known issues


Zap Feature Title Brief Description Issue Resolved Audience Affected Status Workaround
Admin Reports Admin Reports - Proscore not showing the correct number of 5 star reviews for agents   NO Small Group of Users In Development  
Admin Reports Admin Reports - ProScore Report Does Not Advance Past 20 Agents When pulling up the ProScore Report for a company with more than 20 agents, the list does not advance past the first 20 agents.   NO Small Group of Users In Development  
Admin Reports Admin Reports - ProScore Blank Results When pulling up the ProScore results there is a message that says "You don't have any agents that match your critera-try adjusting your filters."

This is incorrect.
NO Small Group of Users In Development  
Agent Website Agent Website- Agent Unable to link a LinkedIn account on My Website configuration page Users are unable to link the Linkedin icon in Zap uner My Website Configuration. Currently, The pop-up becomes blank and the LinkedIn account is not linked. NO All Users Investigating  
Agent Website Agent Website - Buy/Sell/Custom page photo upload error When trying to upload an image with the size requirements(1.9MG 1950 × 1300 pixels) Zap intermittently spits back an error: Oops the file size exceeds the file the maximun allowable file size limit. Please try uploading a smaller file. When trying multiple time, the file is accepted and uploaded.  NO Unknown Investigating CompuCom reports the photo is loaded successfully while proxying as the agent.
Agent Website Agent Website - Blog spacing is not converted over to site When adding spaces in between paragraphs the spaces are not being converted over to the site. Though the preview clearly displays the spaces in between as seen below:  Expected Results should be: Spacing should display on site same as edited within Zap.  NO Unknown Investigating  
Agent Website Agent Website - Sold Homes" map view  drop-down menu does not refresh the number of sold homes on map Sold Homes does not refresh after making changes to the selection. Only works sometimes. Changed several of the criteria and the number of sold homes does not change.

NO Unknown In Development  
Agent Website Agent Website - Sold home module missing Zip codes on the properties that agent is represented the seller the address has the zip code and for the other properties they do not have the zip code:
NO Single User Investigating  
Bulk Import Bulk Import - Sync of the lead fails if names contain over 25 Max characters Bulk upload when there is over the 25 max characters for first name fails masssync silently. The "created" client_agent account does not clear out of the system after the failure and stays as "primary" agent.  NO Unknown In Development  
Consumer Products and Tools Consumer Products - Saved Search Summary results are incorrect Agent saves a search for the contact. The summary of the search shows 37 results, but when clicking to view those results it only shows a fraction of those results (currently 27 homes). It appears that something is incorrect. Either the summary is wrong or some homes are not displaying in the "List View". NO Unknown In Development  
Consumer Products and Tools Consumer Products -  Sign out button is failing to redirect back to Zap Agent gets an error page when trying to "Sign Off" a contacts profile on C21. This only happens when they access the contacts account from the "New Listing Alert" link. The sign out is working. The redirect back to "" is failing because of a malformed URL attached to the "HREF" tag associated to that action. NO Single User In Development  
Contacts Contacts - Sign out button blank for contacts (only ERA reported) "Sign out and return to Zap" is white text on white background, which hides the button text. This is happening for ERA Powered sites. NO Unknown In Development  
Contacts Contacts - Profile Notes saving, but showing error message When editing and saving 'Profile Notes' in the contact profile of a lead, it brings up an error message with a red banner instead of the success banner. Profile note saves and displays after refresh.  NO Unknown In Development  
Contacts Contacts - Add Reminder button dissapears within Log a Call Multiple agents have reported issues with a vanishing add reminder button in the Log Call screen NO Unknown In Development  
Contacts Contacts - Visual bug, unable to add contacts using "+ Add" button Drop Down menu item is not clickable because of alignment on the desktop screen. NO Unknown Investigating  
Contacts Contacts - Multiple Duplicate Reminders in "View All Reminders" Multiple Duplicate Reminders showing in Reminder's list NO Unknown Investigating It is possible that the reminders may clear out when one is cleared out. 
Dashboard Dashboard - Follow-up plan due are not appearing on the dashboard Contacts that belong to a follow up plan are not showing on the dashbard according to the follow up due dates.  NO Unknown Investigating  
Email Email - Email Providers buttons missing Email Options and addresses are missing under Email Settings NO All Users In Development  The same information can be found on the agent's personnel profile page.
Email Email - Email history shows email sent multiple times Duplicated Zap emails sent multiple times to clients. Verified in Contact History. NO Unknown In Development  
Email Email - Send failures for Welcome Email, Reviews and App Download Agents are sending Welcome, Review requests, and App download emails in Zap and they are failing. The email is occasionally logged in the contact history and it's logged in LeadRouter, but does not actually send to client. NO All Users Investigating  
Lead Sync and Distribution Agent Lead not showing in Zap Agent leads are not syncing showing up in Zap.

This issue was reported today Mon Nov 18 at 11 am. Looking at leadrouter it was unsynced from Zap CRM and resynced to Zap and still not showing up.

Please check that masssync queue for delays or errors for this lead sync. 
NO Single User Investigating  
Mobile Mobile-  Missing contact info when importing contacts with Google Import Contact information is missing when importing contacts from Google. For example I uploaded 2 contacts with email and phone numbers in both. The first contact uploaded with email, but missing phone number. The second contact uploaded with phone #, but missing email.  NO Unknown In Development  
Onboarding Wizard Onboarding Wizard - Displays a Blank Page On-boarding Wizard is no longer working when using the links listed under actual results. When clicking on the links it displays a blank white page. This occurs in Firefox, Chrome, both in Incognito/private mode.   NO All Users Investigating Agent should continue to complete verification of their settings outside of the wizard.
Property Insights Property Insights - Address Search Fails Agent is unable to find property when searching for it using the modal window opened by the button "+ Add Property Insights" within Zap. The listing is Active. NO Single User Investigating  
Single Sign On (SSO) SSO - Coldwellbanker SSO environment different than production When the agent is accessing Zap via cb desk (sso) when he goes to send an email and wants to select a script it is taking him to a completely different page where it has EMAIL TEMPLATES instead of EMAIL SCRIPTS. The page also has 2 tabs one for My Templates and one for Company Templates which is a page we have never seen ( see screenshot)  NO Unknown Investigating  
Teams Teams - Shared leads not showing on Team members platform Team Shared Leads not showing correctly on the Team member's Zap platform. NO Small Group of Users In Development  
ZapStore ZapStore - Disable ZapStore notification for Proxy users (Docusign) DocuSign pop-up shows up for proxy. The pop up happens on every page. NO Small Group of Users In Development  
Marissa Azzara January 17, 2020
Community Manager

Hi Noel,

The bell notification icon issue is currently a bug we are working on getting resolved. Please stay tune for the announcement on when this will be resovled

Advanced Adventurer

Cannot add a contact either through the App or desktop.

Budding Explorer

Currently cannot sign in as a contact to save and send recommended homes. Its says theres a gateway error. Also, the mobile app will not show a change in status. All homes are showing active, while most are pending or contingent. 

Friendly Explorer

My leads from are not forwarding despite having used the forwarding email.

Community Manager

Hi Noel, and thanks for posting here on the Zap Community. This is actually a known issue within Zap at this time. However it has already been escalated to the Zap Development Team and is currently under review. I will append your name and information to that escalation.



Insightful Sightseer

I have several agents having an issue when they add a new contact with only a phone number and not an email address. The message said please add an email or phone number, but a phone number was added. 

Skilled Explorer

One of our agents, J.C. Bickford, is having an issue where a lead offer calls his number but the systems does not text or email him even though it is set up correctly to text and email also. I saw that another agent was having a similar issue last week but did not show a resolution in a previous thread called "If it works, it works, but it doesn't". Please advise if this is a known issue pending and/or otherwise assist in helping us get to a resolution. 

Experienced Explorer

We have a serious issue that is affecting several agents using Zap.  I have agents that use the search filter "saved home".  This allows them to quickly see who has saved homes within a specific time frame.


It doesn't work.  This is the third time I've put someting in about it.


Also, the "home value updates" on my contacts are not pushing out properties.  I set it up for my address, several homes have sold recently and I've received no notification. Had I set it up for a seller I'd look aweful to them because they'd not be getting anything and can walk outside and see a home sold across the street.


Please help asap.

Thank you,

Advanced Explorer

Would like to add an issue. I am trying to update and clean up my contacts. I have tried on several to add phone numbers and I get an error message that I am not authorized to use this code. It will show me code 43. It comes up very fast and reverts back to the screen before my change. I will also get an error message when I try to change my contact from a past buyer or seller into a past client. I have also had some clients show back up after I thought I had cleared them out. It will say it cleared them but then they are still there. I did call and had someone looking into the phone number issue. We tried clearing my cache but that did not work. Please let me know! 


Thank you, 



Experienced Explorer

Are the Known Issues displayed up-to-date? The comments are fro as far back as 08/2018 so I'm wondering if list is current?

Insightful Sightseer

How do I correct incorrect information on a transactions, it is showing pending and has been closed for 2 weeks, also the contact information needs corrected as well.  Why are we not able to edit our own listings and sales