Known Issues

Leads and Contacts • New notifications for lead activity where none took place Investigating
• Bulk Actions: Select all only working for current page. Navigating to additional pages deselects previous contacts. Investigating
• Showing Appointments, date module does not allow anything but current date. Investigating
• Team Leaders unable to reassign Team leads. Workaround is to use Bulk Actions from the contact list. Pending Resolution
Follow-up Plans • Some email scripts have formatting issues (looks fine on dashboard but when opened in email, formatting changes). Investigating
• Email Scripts not able to sort by Script Name (drop down not clickable). Investigating
• Some email scripts hang when sent in IE11, unable to send Email. Investigating
• Contact filter not sorting results accurately. Investigating
Mobile • Agents active in more than one DBA will sometimes encounter issues with referral link process Pending
• Unable to send email from mobile app. Works on desktop. Investigating
Social Linking • Facebook is showing the wrong city  for some agents when sharing links. Investigating
Company Website/Configuration    
Agent Website • Agent Review Flag for Abuse process sometimes not working Investigating
• Some agents associated with incorrect branch office, can effect website footer and listing alerts. Report issues to ZapLabs for manual fix. Investigating
• Professional Info Module - unable to add or remove content. Pending
• Testimonials for real satisfied showing on website. Pending Resolution
• Profile photo for agents not porting over from Dash, company admin can do it in proxy. Investigating
Agent Settings    
Reporting • Agent Lead Performance Report shows information for whole company Reporting
• ProScore reports sometimes terminated agents Pending
USAA • Some agents who are not USAA can see USAA scripts Pending
Other • Some users who used to be part of a Team in Dash cannot add contacts or see contact list Pending
• Some users show familiar name or phone number incorrect, reverts back to incorrect version even after refreshing personnel data Pending
• Some personnel updates in Dash not reflecting in Zap. Pending (Send examples to Zap Support)
Marissa Azzara December 12, 2018
Savvy Adventurer

Can I add one? Phone #'s on our agent pages are formatted oddly. They've been properly entered in Dash and after a Personnel Refresh in Zap it will revert back to bad formatting, at random. I've had to refresh twice in as many weeks.




Scroll down to PJ Whitbeck. It is correctly entered in dash (no spaces, no periods, no dashes).

Advanced Adventurer
Budding Explorer

Issues again with phone number in new/ automated emails showing extra dots (.) within the number.


example -


It looks questionable and could deter prospects from calling.



Community Manager

 Hello Jeffrey, 


Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. We are aware of the issue and have deemed it a high priority. We working to solve it, and  once solved, we will notify the Zap community immediately.


Zap Support,


Insightful Sightseer

First, I have problem login every single time.


Second, I received a notification that one of my leads opened an email. What email? I didn't sent any email to this lead. I then login and  I can't locate any sent email to this lead or anyone from the system either.  Is there a mailbox that I can see all the emails sent to my lead?

Community Manager

Hello Agnes, 


What issue do you have while attempting to log in? Is it a password issue or does some sort of delay after you log in?


The lead might be receiving an email from a campaign/follow up you set up for them. Can you provide the name of the lead that received the email?


Zap Support, 


Frequent Visitor

I'm having a problem trying to add new contacts.  I have tried to add them by creating a profile within ZAP and I have also tried importing the contacts.  But I keep getting an error message saying that "There is a probelem with your request, please try again."  Is there a fix for this?

Community Manager

Hello Neal, 


It appears the contact you tried to add is Amanda M. Amanda is now in your contact list. 


Zap Support, 


Budding Explorer

I added a new lead. I showed property to them. I create notes, save, and then no notes show up. I tried logging out and back in, same problem. The notes show in history, but not in notes,es show in history, but not in notes,

Steady Sightseer

Same issue with the Notes. It seems like when one thing gets resolved with Zap, another issue that wasn't occuring seems to take over. Very frustrated with the platform during the last year since I started.

Community Manager



Sorry for the great inconvenience this is causing. We are aware of the issue and are working to have it solved. Once solved, we will notify the zap community in the zap news section.


Zap Support,