Getting Started

Welcome to Zap!


Zap is a technology solution that helps you manage relationships with your customers and provide them with real estate service they’ll appreciate.

It’s full of tools you can use to improve your business. But if you’re new to Zap, it might be hard to know where to start.
So we’ve put together this guide to help you learn the basics. Ready to get started?



Step 1: Make yourself at home.


Some of the first things you’ll want to get familiar with are your Dashboard and your consumer website.


Your Dashboard is the home page for your CRM – and there’s a lot to explore! Find your way around with this quick guide to the Dashboard.



With Zap, you also get a consumer website that’s an excellent resource for home buyers and sellers – and you can make it even better by customizing it. Here’s how:




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Step 2: Get all your ducks in a row.


Make sure Zap is set up to work for you the way you want it to by:






Need help with your settings? These articles explain it all:


Adjusting your website’s coverage area

Lead and Notification Settings

Email Settings

Account Settings 

Step 3: Get leads and keep them coming.

When new leads come in through your Zap site and mobile app, make sure you know how to accept them – and keep up with those leads so you can get even more.


You can accept new leads from your company via phone, text message, or email. This article explains the details.


You’ll find your new leads on your Dashboard under Priority – and from there, you can get in touch with them by clicking the blue phone or envelope icons.



Some of your leads may come in with specific requests, so make sure you’re familiar with how to respond to them.


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Step 4: Get more Contacts in Zap! 

Zap is a great place to receive new leads from your website and app – but it’s also the perfect place for customers you’re already working with outside of Zap! You’ll give them easy access to your website and app – and get the opportunity to get valuable insight into their activity.


Here’s how you can add a Contact to Zap.



Once they receive a welcome email from you, they can click through to create a password and start searching right away.


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Step 5: Start building better relationships.


Zap isn’t just for receiving new leads or storing your Contact’s phone numbers and email addresses – it’s designed for long-term lead incubation and relationship building. To help you do that, we’ve built a detailed Contact Profile for each Contact in Zap – so you can see what they’ve been up to and what’s next for them. Click any Contact’s name in Zap to check it out!


You’ll also find a key tool on the Contact Profile – your Contact’s ZapScore. The ZapScore ranks your Contact’s activity against the rest of the Contacts in your CRM, so you can predict who’s most likely to transact soon.



When you’re just getting started, you may not have many Contacts to score against each other – but once you’ve added more, the ZapScore will be an easy way to prioritize and connect with your most active Contacts. In the meantime, put the data you get from the ZapScore details to use and reach out the Contacts based on their activity.





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This is just a quick guide to get you up and running – but when you want more information, we’re here to help.


If you want to explore how-to resources, videos, our Glossary, and more, check out our Knowledge Base.

If you have a specific question or run into a problem with Zap, post a question on the Zap Community.

Marissa Azzara December 19, 2018
Insightful Sightseer

I dont have any leads. When does it start?

Community Manager

Hello Patricia, 


I see that you are eligible to receive leads. Please contact your broker or admin to determine why no leads are being sent to you. Your broker determines ow leads are allocated based on service area, agent rotation and availability. 


Zap Support, 


Budding Explorer

I used to be able to send things in bulk mail.  I don't see how to do that currently.  Please help

Community Manager

Hello Peggy,

Please go to Contact > Bulk Actions to view your bulk email options. You'll need to select contacts in the contact list before taking the bulk action.