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General Questions


What is Zap? What can I use it for?


Zap is a customer relationship management (CRM) system for agents. It’s your central hub for managing your online leads, sphere of influence, and website marketing.

  • Online leads
    • Your online leads will enter Zap from your broker or any third-party tools, such as Zillow or Use Zap to get in front of these leads with Follow-up Plans and reminders.
  • Sphere of influence  
    • Your sphere is your business. Keep your business organized by adding them to Zap. Know where your friends and family are in the home buying or selling process. Send them personalized emails or if they aren’t ready to talk transactions just yet, put them on a Follow-up Plan to keep in touch.
  • Website marketing
    • Zap provides you with a personal website to help you grow your client base. Use Zap to maximize your web presence on search engines and social media. 


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How do I log into Zap?


Log into Zap here: Your username is typically set up in the format of [].   


What systems does Zap work with?


Zap is part of a technology ecosystem offered by your company or brand. By default, it works directly with common broker tools, such as Dash and LeadRouter. For example, any lead your broker directs to you through LeadRouter will appear in Zap.


Zap also integrates with third-party tools, such as Dotloop or Gmail so you can capture transactions, emails, and other essentials. You can access any of these third-party integrations from the ZapStore.


Receiving leads in Zap


Why aren’t I getting any broker leads? How do I get leads in Zap?


There are two categories of leads in Zap: agent leads and broker leads. Broker leads are generated by your company or brokerage. Each broker designates whether or not to distribute leads, and each brokerage adheres to its own lead distribution rules.


Go into your Lead and Notification settings to opt in to receiving broker leads and/or designate when you are available to receive broker leads.


I’ve opted in to receive new leads. Why aren’t I getting any broker leads?


You may not be receiving broker leads because 1) you are out of compliance or 2) your broker has not distributed new leads. Each brokerage sets its own compliance rules to make sure agents are keeping up with their leads. If you are out of compliance, your broker may be temporarily withholding new leads.


To update compliance, locate the section Updates Due on your dashboard.


If you are in compliance and still haven’t received new leads, your broker may not be distributing leads at this time. Contact your broker for more info.


Can I trust Zap?


Can I trust Zap with my sphere of influence?


Zap will never sell or trade your contact data to any third party. Your contacts are your contacts.

As a CRM software, we want you to keep organized and in touch with your best clients. Nurture your contacts in Zap and if at anytime you need to transfer your database, we’ll let you delete any agent contacts and/or export them to a CSV file.


Why are my clients seeing other agents on my website/app?


Clients will need to be directed to your referral link or logged into an account in order to see your marketing. Clients using mobile will need to download your mobile app.


Once your client has created an account, add your client as a contact to ensure they are associated with you.


Contacts you’ve added will see you as their primary agent. However, once a contact searches outside of your service area, they may see another agent. Your contacts may also see insights or listings by other agents, depending on their search. Learn more about agent marketing from our Knowledge Base.


Prospecting your leads


Why do I keep getting reminders on my dashboard?


The Reminders section on your dashboard includes any reminders you’ve set for yourself or a contact. This includes:


  • Personal tasks and reminders, (e.g. Add contacts from an open home)
  • One-time or recurring reminders you’ve set for a contact (e.g. Roger’s birthday)
  • Touchpoints from a Follow-up Plan (e.g. Hot Seller Follow-up Plan, Touchpoint #1, Send Email)


To clear a reminder, click Actions and select to Make a call, Send an email, or Make a note. If you’ve already contacted your client, you can mark a reminder as Already done.

If you are receiving too many reminders, you may want to manage your Follow-up Plans from the Follow-up Plan Library.


Gloria Choi February 6, 2019