Property Insights

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What are Property Insights?


Property Insights are short posts including comments and tags about properties you’ve shown. They market your local activity and knowledge to potential buyers and sellers, and they show up on your agent website’s home page as well as on home detail pages on your website. 




How to add Property Insights


You can add Property Insights in Zap whenever you've seen a property in person and have something interesting to say about it. Here's how:


1. Click the "+Add" button in the top navigation bar on Zap. Hover over "New Agent Insights," and then select "New Property Insights."
2. Type in the address or MLS number of the property you visited in the field provided. It should appear below the search bar. Click on it once you see it.
3. You'll be prompted to write comments about the property. Give potential customers some valuable insight and context about the property. What stood out to you? What might potential buyers want to know if they haven't seen the home in person yet?
4. You can add optional tags to give potential buyers and at-a-glance look at some notable qualities of the property.
5. When you're done writing, give your comments a once-over. You can reference our tips below if you need help! If everything looks good, click Save.



What consumers see


If a customer is on your company’s site and isn’t assigned an agent yet, they’ll see your Property Insights on the associated property’s details page with an easy link to your website. 




On your agent homepage, customers will see the 3 most recent Property Insights you’ve posted.  They can click to see all of the Property Insights you’ve posted.


If someone is already assigned to work with an agent, other agents’ comments will be visible, but links to the agent and photos will be hidden.





How to edit or remove Property Insights 

You can view all Property Insights you’ve written on the “My Website” page in Zap, and edit or remove Property Insights if you’d like. Here’s how:


  1. Click on your name or photo in the top navigation bar in Zap, and select “My Website” from the menu.
  2. Click on the section labeled “Agent Insights” under your website URL. 
  3. Under “Property Insights, you should see any Property Insights you’ve written, along with a “View Details” and “Delete” button. If you click “View Details”, you can edit your comments and tags. 
  4. Click “Delete” to delete your Property Insights from the website altogether.



Tips for writing effective Property Insights


  • Give a balanced description of the property. For example, a busy location could be a complete turn-off for some buyers or exactly what they’re looking for. Focus more on sharing what you know than trying to sell the property and make it appeal to everyone. 
  • Be specific and share things that aren’t obvious from the listing’s description or photos. Customers value your unique insight into properties you’ve toured and your perspective as an agent.
  • Let your personality shine through in the way you write about the property. This gives buyers and sellers the opportunity make a connection with you.
  • Be mindful and make sure not to write content that inappropriately steers buyers or violates the Fair Housing Act. 
  • Double-check your spelling and grammar.


Here are some examples:


  • “This loft will sell quickly! This location is in high-demand. The home is close to restaurants and nightlife, with a great view of the bridge from the bedroom. The street below is pretty noisy, and walls are thin, but it’s a must-see for a true city-dweller.”
  • “A bit pricy for the neighborhood and the size, but it is more up-to-date than some of the other properties nearby. High ceilings and great light throughout both floors. The home is near the local elementary school and a farmers market on Saturdays.”
  • “An older home with classic charm. This unique property has distinctive Victorian architecture and plenty of curb appeal. Interior needs updating, and some rooms are a bit drafty, but bedrooms and dining room are all huge with high ceilings.”



Can multiple agents post Property Insights on a property?


Multiple agents can post Property Insights for a property. 


Because each person is different, the opinions about the property will probably be different— and that’s okay! Each agent provides a unique perspective on the property that can be very valuable to a customer.  In addition, the agent’s style of writing could tell the customer a lot about them.


When multiple agents have posted Property Insights on a particular property, the customer may reach out to the agent who has provided the most valuable information or who seems like they would be a good match for what the customer is looking for in an agent.

 Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.54.41 PM.png


When is it better NOT to write Property Insights?


There may be times where it might be better not to post Property Insights.


If you have a client who is going to write an offer, you probably don’t want to draw everyone’s attention to that really great property, which could build up any competition for your buyer.


If you’re unsure what to say about a property without offending the listing agent, or irritating the seller of the property, it might be better not to post Property Insights. 


Check with your broker before posting a comment if you are unsure about it.

Marissa Azzara August 15, 2018
by Tony Fisher Friendly Explorer

Are Property Insights only displayed when the property is ACTIVE.  What we have seen is Insights are removed when property moves into a PENDING status.  Is this true?

by Isaac Evenson - Volunteer Zap Ambassador
July - last edited July

Currently 'yes' because of bugs or other issues, but based on the following post (by Eddie) they should be fixed in the 1st August Zap Release (guessing on or around 8.14.2018 but watch Zap News):
- - -
... This issue is scheduled to be fixed in release 8.1, which is the first release of August. ...
- - -

If you have specific examples or agents in your company with specific examples, please share them (Zap Link to the Properties and Agent Zap Website can be helpful).

*Hopefully someday in the future the Zap team will add more "User Preferences" for things like this.

by Community Manager

Hello Tony,


As our great friend Isaac mentioned, this is currently a bug. Zap is not displaying "off market" or "pending" listing property insights. Our developers are aware of the problem and should have this fixed by release 8.1.


Thank you!

by Isaac Evenson - Volunteer Zap Ambassador
August - last edited August

Helen's post:

Welcome to the Zap Community. Here is a link to your specific Property Insight along with your Zap Referral Tag:

Note I had to look at the source code of the page to find the ID tag, which is not something a 'normal' person would do. Hopefully someday the Zap team will make this easier for users.

One could just share the link to the Listing Detail page after using the "+ Add" > "New Shareable Link" generator on the Zap Dashboard to append your Zap "Referral Tag", but it will not jump straight to the Property Insight without the ID anchor tag info.

You could also share your Zap "My Website URL":

by Community Manager

 Thank you Isaac. 




We are always looking for ways to improve to interacting with the site. I will move this over to out suggestions community space and with more views/likes, the feature request team will look to implement your suggestion in future iterations of Zap.


Zap Support, 


by Laura Alvarez New Sightseer
a month ago

Can I write an insight about properties I have held open houses for people in my office?

by Isaac Evenson - Volunteer Zap Ambassador
a month ago

Welcome to the Zap Community. Yes, you can write Property Insights for any listings you've physically been to; Open Houses, Showings for Clients, Previews of Listings etc.

If you've never been to the property then it'd probably be best not to write up Property Insights about it.

From the article above:
Property Insights
- - -
When is it better NOT to write Property Insights?

There may be times where it might be better not to post Property Insights.

If you have a client who is going to write an offer, you probably don’t want to draw everyone’s attention to that really great property, which could build up any competition for your buyer.

If you’re unsure what to say about a property without offending the listing agent, or irritating the seller of the property, it might be better not to post Property Insights.

Check with your broker before posting a comment if you are unsure about it.
- - -

by Michael Zawadzki Friendly Explorer
a month ago

Hi All,


I have a question about Agent Property Insights appearing on the Detailed Property Websites:

- is there anyway to control this?  That is, can we disable the appearance of the Property Insights on a Detailed Property Website that is for an office listing that does not belong to the agent posting a Property Insight?


Here is an example:


In that case, I wrote a quick Property Insight for one of the properties on our Office Caravan yesterday.  While I was there I took a quick video of the waterfront, and posted it this morning on my Facebook business page along with the link to the Detailed Property Website.  After I made the post, I clicked the link just to make sure that it would open up correctly, and lo and behold I saw my Property Insight on that page.


So far, we haven't had any complaints from agents with listings that have Property Insights from other agents in the office appearing on their Detailed Property Websites...  but....  we have just started making the push for agents to take the time and create Property Insights for the properties that they show/preview/caravan.  Our push is based on getting them to create the content for their Agent Websites....  I didn't realize until today that Agent Insights that are created, also appear on the Detailed Property Websites...


It is not the presence of the Property Insight on the Detailed Property Websites that is the main concern, but rather that the Insight contains a link to the Property Insight creator's Agent Website, and a Contact form that opens up for that agent as well.  See below:


Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 6.31.10 PM.png


Again, there is no "issue" with this when the agent posting the Property Insight for the property is also the Listing Agent...  it may be an "issue" when they are two different agents...


Simply put:

- Agent A lists a property, the Detailed Property Website is created for them and they are displayed as the Listing Agent.

- Agent B writes a Property Insight for Agent A's listed property, and now Agent B's contact info (both in the form of a link to their Agent Website and the Contact form) is on Agent A's Detailed Property Website...


Has anyone dealt with this in their offices yet?


Is there a way that we can allow the Property Insights to only appear on Detailed Property Websites IF the Property Insight poster IS also the Listing Agent?


Thanks in advance for any insights that you may have!



by Isaac Evenson - Volunteer Zap Ambassador
a month ago

Test all of the following hyperlinks in Private/Incognito Windows for true/actual testing.

1) Not "logged in" and general browsing - same link as posted- without being tied to a specific agent:
*Will show agent names and links to profile/contact in Property Insights. Will likely show the listing agent name and photo in the upper right of the listing detail.

2) Branded to Michael only via a referral tag and best for posting online and sharing:
*Instead of showing the listing agent, it should show "Your Local Real Estate Agent" with the info of whomever used their Zap Referral Tag. *No links in Property Insights to any other agents, but will show their specific Property Insight if present.

Screenshot sample (cropped)

3) Branded to the Listing Agent (using a Zap Referral Tag) in this case:
*Should only show branding for the Listing Agent (referral tag used) and only shows the first name and last initial of any agents posting Property Insights.

Screenshot sample (cropped)

4) If a client is "logged in" then they 'should' only see the agent branding of the agent they are tied to in their covered Service Markets.

by Michael Zawadzki Friendly Explorer
a month ago

Thanks, Isaac!


I had done the testing as you noted above, both in a FF Private window, and also on another device (a borrowed iPad that had never visiting any of the C21 property sites), and got the same results as your first 2 examples.


Just now, I tested in a FF Private window with your 3rd link ( and did get the result that is much more desirable.


However, the problem is this:


- how can we expect the general public to come across that 3rd form on the link, the one that you described as "Branded to the Listing Agent (using a Zap Referral Tag)?"


When I tested earlier, and also just now in a Safari Private Window, a Google search for the property using " 5 mangrove st pete beach" brings up this link:


(none of the utm codes and values are present, and therefore the link and site brought up show:

- the Listing Agent "branding" (which is what we want to see)

- the Property Insight has my information linked (i.e., link to property website and contact form) -- which is what we are trying to avoid.


I just replicated the test again: using a brand new out of the box iPad that has never visited any websites...  the google search (using the terms noted above) brings up the same link: 



The concern is that when the "general public" that is, a person with no existing "ties" to any C21 agent does a google (or any other) search for a property, the "unbranded" link is what is served up....  and now they not only encounter the Listing Agent's branding (which is what we want), but the random agent posting a Property Insight also has their contact info present on the page.


To be clear: we want the "general" unaffiliated public to only have the Listing Agent's contact links available (even if another agent has already posted a Property Insight).  Can this be accomplished?


thanks again for your quick and detailed reply!!










by Isaac Evenson - Volunteer Zap Ambassador
a month ago

You're welcome Mike. The Zap team (aka Marissa or someone) will need to weigh in but any Google (3rd party) searches are always going to show the -generic- unbranded links to the public (#1), unless something drastic changes in the future.

As admins/agents/users we can control 3rd party sites like personal FB posts (#2 and #3) as well emails.

From an office admin point of view, until Zap makes these types of changes it might be recommended in your office (and probably others) not to have anyone other than the "listing agent" post property insights on active company listings.

Again if a registered/logged in contact uses a Google (a 3rd party) search and ends up on (hosted by Zap) and any specific listings/results etc. they should be branded to their agent in their Service Markets (#4). With #1, the generic link from search results will likely (currently) show the branding of the "Listing Agent" and any and all agents on Property Insights (general browsing).

I would highly recommend making a Zap Suggestion on these needs, even though some similar ones have been made over the years.

Zap Suggestions

CC @Marissa Azzara

by Michael Zawadzki Friendly Explorer
4 weeks ago

Thank you again, Isaac!


We are definitely going to take your advice and write up a Zap Suggestion.


We will need to think about it a bit more, but it may be as simple as requesting an enhancement that implements this snippet of conditional logic, when updating Property Detail Sites:


IF Agent(Posted_Property_Insight) = Agent(Listing_Agent_of_Property),

THEN UPDATE Property_Insight(Property_Detail_Site),

ELSE skip.


Thanks again,



by Barbara Gall Insightful Sightseer
3 weeks ago

This property was in great condition but was a short sale. My client was intertested but it sold before he could decide

by Michael Zawadzki Friendly Explorer
3 weeks ago
by Isaac Evenson - Volunteer Zap Ambassador
3 weeks ago

Thanks Mike. I hit the like button a few minutes after you posted it. Hopefully others will do the same.

by Michael Zawadzki Friendly Explorer
3 weeks ago

Thanks, Isaac!!