Zap Release: Early March 2019

Bug fixes


  • When a consumer conducts a search, Zap spotlights an agent at the bottom of the results page. This was great for publicity, but your agent spotlight was missing star ratings. We’ve since brought back the stars.
  • Admins, when you searched for a contact like “John” and received too many results, we gave you the option to “See all results”. Then, when you clicked see all, we returned a blank page. That’s not right. Your contacts will display now.
  • When you set up Home Value Updates for your prospective sellers, Zap sends your contacts properties similar to their off-market property. Sometimes you would select a property to send Home Value Updates on, but Zap would register a different property. We’ve fixed this.
  • The ZapScore is supposed to break down your contacts’ activity so you can see at a glance how your contact has engaged with Zap (showing requests, saved homes, etc.). The contact activity was not displaying, but we’ve resolved this.



  • We’ve tweaked the ZapScore to reflect when your contacts fall off. If you client shows no activity for 60 days, their ZapScore will be reset to zero.
Gloria Choi posted this article on March , 11 , 2019