Using a Vanity URL with your Zap Website

A URL is what website users type into a browser to go to a particular website. Sometimes this is referred to as the web address or domain name.  A vanity URL is often used to make it easier for people to remember your web address.  It should refer to you or your business (think or



Getting a Vanity URL


You can purchase a vanity URL with a domain registrar such as GoDaddy.  Use the search box on the domain registrar's home page to see whether the URL you want is available. If the URL is available, buy it!  If it isn’t, try another one.  The search results page will often display some domain name alternatives that are available for purchase.


Some tips on selecting a name:


  • Pick a name that is easy to spell, so people can pass it on via word of mouth.
  • Shorter domain names are easier to remember--and type!
  • Use .com as your domain.  The .net and .org domains are not considered as "professional" as .com domains. The .org domain is still perceived as nonprofit. Domains like .info and .biz are often associated with spammers.

Most companies charge an average of $10 per year.  Some domain registrars will try to sell you a package of extra items that you may not need. Look carefully on your checkout page to make sure you are only purchasing a domain name.  You will not need to pay to have your website hosted, as Zap will be hosting your website. 



Pointing your Vanity URL to your Agent Website


Once you have purchased your personal URL, you will want to have it forward people to your Zap website. 


The steps to complete this process can vary a bit depending on where your URL is hosted.


  1. Go to your URL provider (for example, GoDaddy) and change the settings for your URL.
  2. Look for the option to have your URL forward visitors to a different website.
  3. Use your Lead Generation URL as the address you’d like to forward customers to.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when you set up forwarding:


  • Make sure you’re using your exact Lead Generation URL. You can copy your Lead Generation URL from the My Website page in Zap.
  • Don’t opt to forward with masking. This can create duplicate results for search engines to try to index and can negatively impact your SEO, and it can also lead to broken links or things not working correctly on your Zap site.
  • It can take 24-48 hours before the forwarding will be activated.


Marissa Azzara September 16, 2016
Community Manager

Hello Lester,


Thanks for bringing this suggestion to our attention. We currently do not have this option but are always looking for ways to improve the overall experience with the site. With enough views from the rest of the community, our feature request team will take notice and look to add this feature on future versions of the Zap. Thank you.


Zap Support, 

New Sightseer

I live in 

cape coral florida and that area is not on my list of areas that I can get leads

Community Manager

Hi Lisa, for your lead areas you should contact the person in your company that handles adminstering leads and lead areas for your company. They likely can turn you on to Cape Coral or provide a reason that the company doesnt cover it for now.

Budding Explorer

I am trying to input an email in the CC field. It disappears when I hit the enter key. What am I doing wrong?


Hi Rosalind,


Is this regarding linking your Vanity URL with your Zap website? 


If not, is this happening when using the Zap email or a different email?