Email Settings

View your email addresses for sending and forwarding, and adjust your email signature here.  Click on your name or photo and click on Account Settings” to make changes.



Email Addresses



The email address listed under "Sent From" is the email address that customers will see on emails you send them from Zap.  Using this email to send from allows Zap to keep a record of the email communication stored in Zap for you.  


This email address is created for you using your dash vanity email address prefix (the content before the @ symbol) and the domain for your consumer website.  For example, in the email address, john.smith is coming from your vanity email address and is the domain of your consumer website.  If your vanity email changes in dash, the prefix of this email address will be updated in Zap through a nightly process.




The email address listed under "Sent To" is the email address that any replies from your customer will be sent to.  You can find these email responses and respond to them from that email account.  


This email address is your "Business Email Address" in dash.  You can have this updated in dash, and it will update Zap through a nightly process.


Integrating with Gmail or Outlook

When you integrate Gmail or Outlook with Zap, you can send emails through Zap from your Gmail or Outlook, keep a record of your emails with the Contact in Zap, and update your leads by emailing through your email provider of choice. Here’s how to link your Gmail or Outlook account with Zap. 
  1. Click on ZapStore” in the left navigation panel in Zap.
  2. Under Email” on the ZapStore home page, look for either Gmail or Outlook, then click on Learn More” under your email provider. 
  3. Review the information page, and click the blue button beside Gmail or Outlook’s logo to connect your account.
  4. Your email provider will request that your confirm the process and grant Zap access to your account. Follow Gmail or Outlook’s steps.
  5. Once you’ve completed the steps, you’ll see a green banner at the top of your screen on Zap letting you know that your account was linked successfully.

Note that you can only link either Gmail or Outlook currently, not both.



Edit Signature


To edit your email signature for all emails sent through the Zap Contact Summary, follow these steps:


  1. From the homepage, click on your name, then Email Settings.
  2. Edit or enter in your signature in the Edit Signature Box.
  3. Use the formatting tools provided to format your signature.


Tips for your Email Signature



Marissa Azzara March 14, 2018
Budding Explorer

At our last business meeting we were told that our ERA vanity email address was no longer being used.

Please explain.

Pat Blaney

ERA Statewide Realty

Community Manager

Hello Patricia, 


At the moment, vanity emails are still in use however, we are looking to stream line the process and only have one email address available for business use and that email will be your business email. Please continue to follow Zap News for up dates regarding this issue, thank you.  


Zap Support,


Budding Explorer

Does this also go for coldwell banker email addresses?  The coldwell banker email addresses have now gone out for sale.

Friendly Explorer

How can I change the vanity email address? My clients are sending me emails to the Coldwell Banker email that I canceled instead of my business email.  Am I required to pay for this email address? 

Community Manager

Hello Pam, vanity email can be updated in Dash. Please contact your company admin.

Budding Explorer

My email is correct in Dash yet, ZAP still reflects the coldwellbanker email address that I no longer use. I need to REMOVE the Coldwell Banker Email in ZAP. This change took place over 8 months ago, HELP




I am not receiving the emails that my prospect is sending in reply to Zap emails.  I added my personal email address as a cc to the email, and she appears to be replying all.  I am receiving the replies to my personal email address, but the replies sent to my Zap "sent to" address are not coming through.  Any advice?


 Hi JP,

It seems there is a slight issue with emails at the moment. The issue is with clients responding to Zap emails getting delayed. This is getting investigated and w'ere hoping to see a resolution as soon as possible. 

Have you recently joined Zap 3 from Zap 2?