Adjusting your website's coverage area



    Your website is linked to a network of local websites within your brand – but it’s also your home base for your customers. In order to maintain your unique agent website experience, Zap links your account to the areas you’re set up to cover, and allows you and your broker to make changes to that area.


    On your Account Settings page, you can verify that your website is set up to allow you to receive new leads and serve your customers where you’d like. To do so, click your name or photo in the top right corner of your Dashboard, and then select Account Settings.


    Lead Zip Codes and Service Markets.png



    Lead ZIP Codes

    Once you’re on the Account Settings page, you’ll see a section titled Lead ZIP Codes. Your lead ZIP codes are all of the ZIP codes where you can receive new leads that come in through your company’s website.


    Each ZIP code will be listed within a market – a geographically organized collection of ZIP codes grouped together by Zap. To the right of the name of the market, you’ll see how many ZIP codes you’re assigned to receive leads in. You can click to expand the market to see all of the ZIP codes that exist within that market according to Zap’s data. Your assigned ZIP codes will be separated from the unassigned ZIP codes within the market.


    If you see any unassigned ZIP codes that you’d like to receive leads in, you can make a note of those ZIP codes and ask your broker to add them for you in LeadRouter. If there is an assigned ZIP code you’d like to stop receiving leads in, you can ask your broker to remove it for you in LeadRouter.


    If you see a status tag to the far right of a market that reads “Off” or “Company Off,” this means you will not be able to receive leads in that market. If the status is “Off,” that particular market is turned off for you, and your broker can turn it on for you via your Personnel Profile in Zap. If the status is “Company Off,” that means that the market is turned off for your entire company.


    Service Markets


    The section labeled service markets includes all of the markets in which your customers can search on your website and continue to see you as their local agent. Whenever your customers are searching within any of your service markets, their requests will come through to you and their activity data will be visible in your CRM. You can click to expand the market and see all of the ZIP codes within it.


    Check the status tag to the right of a market to see whether that market is turned on as one of your service markets. If a market is turned off and you’d like to include it as one of your service markets, ask your broker to turn it on for you via your Personnel Profile in Zap.


    If the status is “Company Off,” this means that the market is turned off for your entire company. 

    Marissa Azzara September 15, 2016
    Seasoned Sightseer

    There should be a way to allow our clients to see everything available from our MLS on our company website.  I cover areas that our company is not assigned to because I live farther out from our offices than most of our agents.  I can see the listings my client is interested in,  BUT I am unable to send them via my website.  Very frustrating to have to go back and forth from my site to the MLS.


    I don't mind not getting leads from those areas, but if my paid Bright MRIS subscription covers an area, so should my ZAP site.


    Thanks for letting me vent if the current policy changes I'll be thrilled.  Keep me posted!



    Community Manager

    Hello Bob,


    I'm sorry for the frustration this is causing. We set our search parameters based on service areas selected by your broker, but i understand that you feel this limits your options to support clients outside of your service area. I will move your post over to our Zap Suggestions space and with enough views and likes, out feature request team will look to implement your idea in future Zap versions. 


    Zap Support, 


    Savvy Adventurer

    As an admin I've had agents that want to cover areas our company does not normally service. Putting the zip codes in Leadrouter has not been an issue. 


    Also, our site is set up with IDX throuhg our MLS which allows customers to search our entire MLS. You may be able to reach out to your MLS IDX department and ZAP for help in setting that up. 


    Take Care, 


    Jim Teeters

    Insightful Sightseer

    My first search, I set up for Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Avondale, Laveen and Surprise.  Everything was ready to go and then "zap" I got the message that my search was out of my lead router's assigned range ---- what?????  These are areas I always service.  Makes you want to give up, because there is always a gliche somewhere.


    Hello Kathy,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention on the comunity. I'm sorry to see that you're getting frustrated by the "out of range" error message. 

    To further analyze this issue, when you have time, can you please send me a screen shot of the error coming up for any of the cities listed above? Also, what internet browser are you using?

    If the issue persists we will escalate this to our team.