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Zap Updates: Bring your phonebook to Zap with mobile import

Director, Product Management
Director, Product Management
Ashley Salazar
Ashley works as a product manager, building products for buyers and sellers. She's been at ZapLabs for 4 years. She binges on HGTV and thinks House Hunters International is the bee's knees.

This release is short and sweet. We've got an easy way to import contacts into Zap on the go.


Zap will be down briefly on Tuesday, 7.24 at 9 PM PDT.

Changes will be live on Wednesday, 7.25.


Import your phone’s contacts into Zap

If you’re like most people, one of the most complete lists of people you know lives in your phone. Now, you can import that list straight into Zap!


You can add your contacts in bulk from your phone (or tablet). Just tap the plus button and choose to import contacts. You’ll see a list of contacts in your phone and can choose which ones you’d like to import into Zap